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Five Star Paint Job

Posted Apr 27, 2017 by Emmanuel Beltran

 Five Star Paint Job

The hotel industry is more than just bed and breakfast nowadays. Today, running a hotel means giving your guests a unique experience away from home. Hotel managers need to make sure that their guests find their building appealing and are comfortable with their stay.The physical status of your entire hotel can be the deciding factor for your potential guests. Peeling white walls, or faded vintage paint will surely scare off any visitors, while hotels with a fresh paint job and new wall coverings will attract plenty of tourists and travelers. On average, hotels in the United States provide about 290 guest rooms while also having more amenities like banquet halls, restaurants, and even spas to give their guests more activities within the facility.  This means a hotel manager, like yourself,  needs to maintain a variety of rooms within the building. And when the time comes for renovation, you need a contractor that can handle it all.

 Five Star Paint Job
 Five Star Paint Job

Alpine Painting & Sandblasting Contractors are the best choice for the job. For over 40 years, our company has worked on several types of commercial buildings such as apartments, retail stores, and hotels. From experience, We know that your biggest issue will be the safety and convenience for your guests. Which is why our contractors can work around the clock and to your schedule. Whether it is putting one floor out of service at a time or working early morning and late night hours, our craftsmen are available at any time needed. Alpine professionals also can paint several rooms to complete them in a timely manner, while giving the best result for each room. Our painters also use safety standards to protect themselves and those around them. Containments are constructed around the work area so that your guests will be protected from any potential work hazards. Our project managers are also trained to ensure that safety is a top priority throughout the whole renovation and that you get the results you expect.

 Five Star Paint Job
 Five Star Paint Job

The services we have to offer cover your entire hotel and will come out with excellent results. Whether it’s high rise painting, or doing plaster repair on your hallways, Alpine can do it all. For your ballrooms, specialized scaffolding can be set up so that we can access all areas in your grand hall. In addition, we can work with you to determine the best color scheme that will draw even more companies and event planners to use your venue for conferences and special occasions. We can also refurbish your offices, pools, and even boiler rooms. For kitchens, we can do an epoxy floor painting for easy clean up, while doing any plaster repair for damages in guest rooms. We have a variety of services to offer for both your interior and exterior, including wallpaper covering, power washing, carpentry, drywall installation, lobby painting, ceiling tile coating and ceiling tile replacement. With the experience from our project managers, and the efficiency of our craftsmen, your hotel will be one step closer to a five-star rating.

 Five Star Paint Job

Contact Dave Scaturro today to get an accurate estimate on your hotel. Dave also has plenty of experience with hotels and can answer any questions you might have and can even make suggestions.  

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