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Sheetrock Tape and Spackle Contractors for New Construction Projects Drywall, Installation, Repair, Tape and Spackle

Complete sheetrock install and finishing

Whether you call it drywall, sheetrock, or gypsum board, consistently well-finished interior walls and ceilings all start with the same simple components. These materials include drywall, screws, tape, and spackle compound. It’s the craftsmen who install these materials that can make or break the job.

Our installers quickly follow and supervise the unloading of the materials and get them up on the framing fast. Taping, applying three coats of compound, and alternating between rough and finish sanding may sound easy, but it's not. A good drywall job is almost like an assembly-line process.

Nothing stands out more than poorly spackled drywall seams. Our skilled craftsmen can trowel out clean, straight lines throughout your building. No job is too big or too small for Alpine. We can repair one piece of sheetrock or install and spackle your entire building.

Alpine Painting will work as a complete finishing contractor to perform all your drywall, painting, wallcovering, and carpentry needs. We have experience in new construction projects for high-rises, condominiums, hospitals, and hotels. We are also capable of renovating existing office spaces or restoring historic landmarks.

Alpine Painting guarantees its customers' adherence to proper procedures for worker safety and site protection. With over 45 years of experience, a customer-focused operating philosophy, and a wide range of best-in-class services, Alpine is the go-to choice for all your wall and ceiling surface needs!

Drywall Repairs and Taping for Large Warehouse in Queens, NY Drywall, Installation, Repair, Tape and Spackle
Dave Scaturro
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They are the type of family owned business that you can give them the key, tell them what you want done, walk away, and when you come back it’s done.”
Bryan Iwicki, VP of Operations
Somerset Patriots
Dave, FINALLY I have a painting contractor that works and acts like professionals. Your guys from top to bottom are first class.”
Lenny Ligieri, Owner
Sun Coast Builders LLC
I thought the field personnel throughout the project, especially Evan, were extremely instrumental in the project's overall success. Merck is not an easy place to work and is very demanding for logistics, safety, and overall construction activities. When asked to”
Cory Zepp
CD & Associates Inc.
"I have used Dave of Alpine Painting at several sites for many different projects for the last three years.The price was always the best and the quality of work was always superior. Every job was done on time and the”
Bruce Young, Supervising Property Manager
Taylor Management
It was indeed a pleasure working with your company and your guys did a great job, were very respectable and reliable. I am definitely looking forward to working with you guys again in the future and continue our great business”
Kevern Fraser, Project Engineer

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