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Dave Scaturro

Dave Scaturro

VP & Director of Commercial Division

(973) 279-3200 ext. 224

Dave Scaturro is a 2nd Generation Contractor and the Vice President of Alpine Painting. He runs the Commercial Painting Division and is Passionate about making buildings beautiful and finding coating solutions to solve problems and help people.

His goal is to create lasting relationships with building owners, property managers and facility operators for the next 30 years. With over a decade of experience solving customer’s issues including, peeling paint, water infiltration, rusted metal surfaces, delaminating wallcovering, rotten wood, mold and mildew problems he hopes to fix your concerns quickly, safely & in a professional manner… all for a fair price.

A typical commercial painting project can range from the exterior of large warehouse/distribution facility, to manufacturing ceiling deck spray painting, waterproofing offices, or installing wallcovering in hotels, and condominium complexes. Some projects he was involved with include the Exterior Metal Siding and Trim Painting of IKEA’s Signature Retail Store and the Interior Painting of Blue Apron’s State of the Art Location in Linden, NJ. He has had a successful career and helped Alpine win many awards like the 2017 PDCA-PIPP Industrial Project National Award and the ABC Platinum Safety and Training Award.

After graduating from Rutgers University in 2004 with a B.S. in Labor Relations and Business Management, Dave began working full-time at Alpine. Ever since, he has been able to help the company grow in different ways. He is passionate about learning the newest technology for our industry, providing the best customer service possible and training Alpine’s craftsmen, sales associates and project managers to follow our vision to be the best service provider by serving our clients with systematic efficiency.

Dave has been active in the painting community by serving as a National Board of Director for the PCA - Painting Contractors Association and holds a Certification as a NACE Level 1 Coating Inspector. In his free time, Dave enjoys backcountry skiing, CrossFit, and spending quality time with his family. Being part of the next generation of family business, we are excited to see Dave and his brothers help Alpine reach new heights.

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