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The Benefits of an In-House Paint Shop

Posted Jun 07, 2021 by Dave Scaturro

 The Benefits of an In-House Paint Shop

Not everyone has their own painting shop with the capability to restore and revitalize important company assets such as construction vehicles, communications equipment, all the way down to building space heaters. After years of continual use, any type of part is likely going to aesthetically deteriorate; it’s inevitable. But why let your investments rust away when all it takes is a quick trip. If it functions fine, then it should also look appealing to your customers. Our solution for chipped/faded paint or combating rust is easy: Bring your equipment to our shop to get a restored new coating system.

So what is The Shop like and what projects are performed there?
Alpine Painting’s Shop is our robust, fully enclosed, blasting and painting facility that has been around for over 35 years. It is adjacent to our headquarters at 17 Florida Ave. Paterson, New Jersey. Within The Shop are two primary facets: state of the art equipment, as well as, a team of well-trained craftsman in the blasting and painting industry.

Types of Services

1. Sandblasting is a vital aspect to making your equipment look new – it essentially creates a new surface that prepares for the best possible paint coating system. Abrasive blasting will strip away years of old paint and corrosion to provide your equipment with a blank canvas to re-coat. We provide multiple types of aggregates to aggressively strip the paint off heavy steel or lightly remove a coating from delicate surfaces.

2. After the blasting process is over, we move onto our final touches: painting. Because our company utilizes two custom spray booths with proper ventilation, we can spray just about any coating system on the market. Some of our paint products include alkyds, epoxies, and high performance urethane systems.

Types of Projects Completed

You name it and we’ve sprayed it. From small portable tanks, to trucks and trailers, we’ve resurrected countless types of equipment and machinery. Some of the main items we restore include mason dump trucks, cellular communications equipment, truck chassis, plows and trailers, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, structural steel, radiators and even home patio furniture. The Shop goes beyond our headquarters to work on industrial projects as well. We provide field abrasive blasting and painting services for our customers. The bigger, the better as large complex industrial structures such as water tanks, towers and manufacturing facilities are one of our specialities.

Which Clients Need This Service?

The typical clients that we have worked with over the years include; architects, engineers, property managers, general contractors, and construction equipment owners.

The Benefits

We understand that when your equipment is being worked on, time and money is lost. So our primary goal is to get your items in and back to you as soon as possible to avoid any prolonged down-time. If you are looking for an estimate on how much our services cost, please submit an estimate request and upload as many pictures of the item in need. You may also add a description of what you’re looking to have completed.

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