Brewery Painting

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 Brewery Painting

What makes a brewery successful? Well, of course, it’s the love of beer. But passion for your product is only one ingredient of success. A well-run operation is critical if your aim is to become one of the leading breweries in the country. Creating and maintaining a much-needed balanced environment is the reason why having well-painted surfaces and equipment in your facility is so important.

Industrial painting services are designed to maintain your equipment and keep your employees safe, and no one performs these services quite like Alpine Painting. With over 45 years of experience in commercial/industrial painting and sandblasting, throughout New Jersey and New York, we've seen and handled just about any industrial maintenance situation. Our staff has decades of expertise meeting safety and industry regulations.

From walls to ceiling, your brew site must be properly painted and maintained. This goes for your equipment as well. Brewery painting is meant to keep all your equipment well protected from various types of damage including rust, chemical deterioration and corrosion, and physical/impact damage. And when it comes to flooring, Alpine knows that servicing must go beyond improving appearances, as brewery floors undergo an ongoing stream of stress and wear. Heavy machinery, foot traffic, liquid spills, temperature fluctuations, and impacts are all a part of daily operations at brewing facilities.

Industrial Flooring Options

Like most other food or bev­er­age pro­duc­tion envi­ron­ments, your floor­ing needs to be tough, reli­able, and san­i­tary. Those inevitable spills and leaks can lead to trapped bacteria which is why antimicrobial flooring is always a great option. Read on to learn more about the flooring options we have available for breweries.

Brew­ery Floor­ing Options

  • Epoxy Floor Sys­tems — Epoxy floors have all the features that a brewery needs: impact-resis­tant, san­i­tary, and durable. Alpine’s flooring services will ensure the longevi­ty of your flooring by using the prop­er prepa­ra­tion and appli­ca­tion tech­niques.

  • Stained Con­crete — Con­crete stain­ing is an ide­al way to seal, pro­tect, and pre­serve your floor, while also making them low maintenance. Other benefits of stained concrete include fire resistance, durability and energy efficiency. And it can make your floors look great too!

  • Con­crete Pol­ish­ing — Here you can cre­ate a durable and san­i­tary floor­ing option by decreas­ing mois­ture reten­tion and decreasing the opportunity for growth of mold, bac­te­ria, and mildew.

  • Antimi­cro­bial - Antimicrobial floors have a seam­less and non­porous surface, and contain addi­tives that pre­vent the growth of any con­t­a­m­i­nants. Antimicrobial makes for a very pow­er­ful floor­ing system!

Our indus­tri­al floor­ing services for breweries include: con­crete prep, con­crete polishing, mois­ture mitigation, seam­less epoxy systems, ESD floors, paint­ing, antimi­cro­bial flooring, and floor demo­li­tion.

Antimicrobial Flooring is Ideal for Breweries

Antimi­cro­bial floor sys­tems have a unique coat­ing with addi­tives that pre­vent the growth of harm­ful microbes. These additives work deep with­in the floor and stop the growth of mold, mildew, and bac­te­ria right at the source, penetrating in a way that even the most thor­ough sur­face clean­ing supplies can’t. For breweries, antimicrobial floors add a level of sanitation often required by the FDA and USDA.

Not every antimi­cro­bial coat­ing is the same, however, or of equal equality. The most effec­tive coat­ings include a pre-treat­ment step that reach­es deep into the con­crete sub­strate. This level of treatment will help you achieve a higher lev­el of protection.

What About Your Tanks?

If you’re painting your brewery, don’t forget about your tanks! While all breweries experience some spillage as materials get transferred, leakage of any sort needs immediate attention. Any tank leaks can become serious workplace hazards, causing people to slip on messy floors, for example.

Tanks containing certain chemicals and liquids are susceptible to corrosion, which you will want to avoid as they can become a major health violation by contaminating the liquid inside them. In addition, this corrosion is often what leads to cracking and leaking problems. Painting or coating your tanks with high-quality products will help prevent such leakage from occurring. The coating will seal off any existing cracks and prevent new ones from forming. The paint provides a thick barrier between the liquid and the tank itself, and will not seep into or contaminate the product. It will also prolong the lifespan of the tank considerably.

Alpine Saves You Time and Money Down the Road

Remaining on top of all maintenance tasks at your brewery will prevent larger problems from taking place in the future and becoming costly or time consuming. For this reason, industrial painting services are essential for brewery owners, and Alpine Painting makes sure to make this part of your business run smoothly and efficiently.

Painting your floors and tanks with Alpine Painting will keep them sturdy and safe, decreasing the likelihood that you’ll need to pay for major, costly repairs, or to replace them too frequently. Trust that Alpine will handle all aspects of your brewery’s painting, including floors, walls, ceilings, pipelines, towers, tanks, and other equipment, with the right products for the job, and perform the necessary surface preparation before painting.

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