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Stadiums: The Home for Your Team

Posted May 17, 2017 by Emmanuel Beltran

 Stadiums: The Home for Your Team

Stadiums play a huge part in sports culture. They are amphitheaters of athleticism, where games are won, champions are born, and legends are made. Each stadium represents the team’s history and their fans.  Without them, our sports culture would be lost, and along with it, the huge amounts of revenue that are made within. From ticket sales to concession stands, stadiums can bring in large amounts of profit. Especially high-class venues like Barclay’s Arena and Metlife Stadium. These large facilities need to keep a clean and classic look, and should be maintained constantly. As necessary as it is, the renovation can be very difficult, even for high schools. When it comes to stadiums and arenas, not only do you have to worry about the playing field, but also concession stands, stadium seating, retail stores, locker rooms, and much more. You need a contractor that can handle it all. One that can provide a large crew, has experience, and can finish the job in a timely manner.

Alpine Painting & Sandblasting Contractors has helped many teams and schools with reviving and maintaining their stadiums. One of our past projects includes restoring Hinchcliff Stadium, one of the few historical landmarks for baseball. Hinchcliff Stadium, located in Paterson, New Jersey, was once an abandoned baseball field doomed for destruction, until over 800 local volunteers and 15 crew leaders from Alpine Painting  took on the task of restoring the landmark’s beauty. The walls within the stadium were vandalized with graffiti and needed its monumental white walls to be revitalized. Alpine professionals led the project and were able to help save the stadium from extinction.

 Stadiums: The Home for Your Team

Our company has also helped many active stadiums for high schools and professional teams. Annually, our skilled craftsmen help maintain TD Bank Park for the Somerset Patriots. This stadium includes over 6,000 seats, ticket offices, hospitality suites, and many concession areas. Every year, Alpine is given a list of items that need to be completed, and each year, with the excellent communication between our workers and the stadium staff, the job is completed successfully. Ever since, our company has formed a strong relationship with the Patriots and hope to do so with your team as well.

Whether you are a high school team, or a professional team, Alpine wants to help you enhance your sports environment. For high schools, we know that most bleachers over time begin to lose their color and eventually start to rust. So instead of paying for new bleachers, why not give it a new paint job. Our estimators can work with your administration to get the colors you want. Our services include painting your locker rooms, score boards, and even the ticket booths. Your school colors can be applied to all parts of your athletic areas. This way your students can feel the unity and spirit under one school.

 Stadiums: The Home for Your Team

We can also do the same for professional stadiums. We have worked on a wide variety of large steel structures, and have the skills and tools to paint your stadium efficiently and safely. For the high ceilings, our contractors have experience with scaffolding and can use articulating boom lifts to reach all areas needed. Our experienced craftsmen also know how to deal with the different substrates throughout the stadium. Whether its painting any steel supports, or concrete walls, Alpine contractors know how to finish the job. Our services can also help your premium seating areas. From box seats to VIP Bar areas, our estimators can help you pick out the right color schemes to enhance the game for your prime ticket holders.

 Stadiums: The Home for Your Team

Not to mention, while on the job, Alpine Painting & Sandblasting Contractors will always make sure that safety is the top priority. For your staff and our craftsmen, we will make sure that all protocols are strictly enforced, and that measures will be taken to prevent any kind of accidents. With our experience and excellent project management team, you can be sure that you’re kept in the loop at all times. So take a minute to talk to one of our commercial estimators about renovating your stadium. Let us make your stadium, the perfect home for your team.

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