Piscataway, NJ Is One of Alpine’s Industrial Painting Areas

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 Piscataway, NJ Is One of Alpine’s Industrial Painting Areas

Let’s face it; most warehouses do not have top-of-the-line paint jobs. When their main duty is to store products or equipment, why must they look nice? What some warehouse owners don’t know is how much of an impact a good paint job will have on their storage space. A proper paint job can protect your investment from outside elements such as wind, rain, snow, sleet and ice which can ultimately cause cracking, rotting, mold and mildew infiltration, and other types of structural damage to your building.

Alpine Painting knows the solution to this potential or existing problem. With a fully-knowledgeable painting crew and hard-working project managers, Alpine painted Murry Construction in Piscataway, NJ among many other warehouses in New Jersey over the last 40 years. Alpine uses coatings which have much more elasticity and elongation compared to typical paint. This is called elastomeric paint.

When the surface of your warehouse changes, whether it is due to temperature or movement, the elastomeric coatings are flexible enough to expand or contract with the surface rather than simply giving in and cracking. Elastomeric coatings also restrict water from lingering on surfaces, a preventative measure toward mold and mildew accretion as well as rotting foundation and structural damage.

With this being said, having Alpine apply this to the surface of your building will just be a further investment into your business. We waterproof all types of buildings in addition to warehouses such as offices, manufacturing facilities, parking garages, retail stores and apartment buildings. We do commercial and industrial work all over the state of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Give us a call (973) 279-3200 or shoot us an email Info@AlpinePainting.com to get your free estimate today!

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His team was well managed, friendly, and efficient and did a great job performing the services requested. We have had the units painted before by other companies and Alpine exceeded our expectations.”
Kurt Reisinger, Board President
High Mountain Village
Thank you for all the great work Dave. We value the level of expertise Alpine provides to us each year. You guys are great!”
John Van Decker, Property Manager, Taylor Mgt.
Towers West, High Rise
The Kessel family would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation for the last 34 years of Alpine Painting & Sandblasting's service.”
Jeff & Steve Kessel, Owners
Kessel Associates
It is always a pleasure to work with Alpine and I appreciate your work ethic and the efforts you put in place to make the projects go smoothly.”
Paula McEvoy
We live in a time when most people are quick to criticize but slow to compliment. United Water is extremely pleased with the work performed by Alpine at the labs in Boonton. The Scope of Work comprised of asbestos removal”
Kevin Bamburak, Senior Project Liaison
United Water

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