Waterproofing, Sealant, and Caulk Application

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 Waterproofing, Sealant, and Caulk Application

Products and applications that solve water problems

Alpine Painting is a trusted, licensed contractor for balcony waterproofing with more than 45 years of expertise in the industry. Our teams have a vast understanding of the intricacies of wood-based, concrete, and structural steel exteriors and are experienced in identifying the right waterproofing system and application, regardless of surface, in both commercial and industrial buildings.

Rain, snow, and humidity can wreak havoc on building balconies and facades over time. Any surface exposed to the elements has the potential to absorb moisture that can lead to chipping, cracks, mold or mildew and leave you with an unsafe, unhealthy and unattractive balcony or facade. As your waterproofing contractor, our team will pinpoint existing and potential problem areas and deliver high-standard waterproofing that withstands all climates.

Alpine Painting’s team members are trained by industry-recognized waterproof coating manufacturers. We have a deep understanding of waterproofing materials and the application process for a variety of exterior surfaces. Each job we do begins with a thorough inspection of the visible areas of your balcony checking for water infiltration points, including cracks, chips and missing or damaged joint areas.

Balcony Waterproofing & Facade Restoration

We specialize in the application of high-performance caulk and sealants to expansion joints in commercial buildings and facade restoration and repair services to mid- and high-rise properties. Our expert team can quickly identify problem areas and offer waterproofing options to defend your building against moisture hazards, including the type of waterproofing sealant that should be used and the application procedure for the job.

The Alpine Painting & Sandblasting Difference

Alpine Painting is a trusted, licensed contractor for balcony waterproofing. Hiring a licensed contractor for your waterproofing needs will ensure your project is completed to a high standard, on time and is right the first time. Our onsite procedures ensure the highest safety, surface preparation, application, cleanliness, and employee behaviors on your job site. At Alpine, we are proud of the state-of-the-art operational systems we have in place to ensure all projects are completed with efficiency and care.

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Everything went well with the chiller work. Your guys were self-sufficient, kept the work area as clean as possible, and were professional. ”
Mark Whitney, O&M Manager
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A great job from start to finish. Thank you.”
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They are the type of family owned business that you can give them the key, tell them what you want done, walk away, and when you come back it’s done.”
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Place looks great . The CEO is very happy.”
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Thank you for all the great work Dave. We value the level of expertise Alpine provides to us each year. You guys are great!”
John Van Decker, Property Manager, Taylor Mgt.
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Waterproofing Portfolio

High Rise Waterproofing via Caulk Replacement and Elastomeric Waterproofing Coating
Swing Stage Scaffolding to Access Exterior Windows to apply new sealant to prevent water migration
Five point harness, tie backs and life lines to ensure our men are protected
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