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 Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology
Patient Room and Hallway Green Painting Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology

Chemical, impact and abrasion-resistance are the starting point for processing, packaging, for laboratories and vivarium facilities in the highly regulated pharmaceutical and biotech industry. These standards taken together with other construction, design and decorative space considerations can create challenges that can only be addressed with the input of an experienced plant and laboratory floor specialist.

A seamless floor finish, combined with a highly durable, water-resistant curb/wall system is one suggestion that can assure the ultimate hygienic solution to protect your facility. As well, meeting today’s workplace design requirements in color and texture can easily be accommodated with innovative new materials.

Planning a new space, adding or retrofitting an existing facility? Request the time and associated insights of a commercial flooring contractor like Alpine, and do so at the earliest stages of the project. That way, our installation and material experts, and our engineering staff (if required) can assist you in understanding any limitations or performance challenges now, so they can be addressed, designed around and resolved at little or no cost.

The below is to certify that Alpine Painting`s team of professionals went above and beyond our expectations to make our high-rise resurfacing and waterproofing project go smooth and with no issues to report....”
Manny Esquivia
Taylor Management
Alpine was here at work to finish painting a job from another contractor when I noticed the quality of their work. We asked them for a price on some concrete cleaning and painting around the sewage treatment plant. The price...”
Eric Greenberg
Educational Testing Services
The steel work looks great. They guys did a great job and our receptionist remarked that they were all gentlemen when they arrived in the morning....”
Al Pierce, Sr Manager - Facilities
Suburban Propane
I do not get emotional about much, except my daughter’s and my family. My equipment does mean a lot to me. You guys did a great job, everything looks amazing man. Tremendous job, thanks very much....”
William Menckler, Demolition Director
Industrial Demolition
Great job, great service. Thank you!...”
Amy Pastor, Property Manager

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