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 Tank Painting & Sandblasting

Tank painting projects have a detailed and extensive list of protocols that need to be followed precisely. Alpine Painting has experience in meeting the industry regulations in New Jersey and across the tri-state area; and is qualified to handle any tank painting project. Our experienced teams are trained to work in confined spaces, use scaffolding, are certified in lead abatement, and are broadly educated to follow proper safety requirements. Our industrial customers can be reassured that we have stellar relationships with the major liability carriers in addition to an exemplary “loss record” in NJ, NJ CT and PA.

Alpine Painting and Sandblasting Contractors has over 35 years of experience in the tank and tower painting industry. Some of the tanks types we service include elevated municipal and private water towers/tanks, chemical standpipe tanks, large bullet propane tanks, ground storage oil tanks, clarifiers, digesters, and sewerage & waste water tanks. Whether you manage a tank farm, water tank, a waste water treatment facility, or a petrochemical plant Alpine has the knowledge and skilled industrial painters to complete your project on time and within your budget. Our team of skilled craftsmen are experienced working with tanks containing everything from chemicals and water to bulk solid storage and flammable substances, and will work with you to determine what kind of coating best serves your needs in order to control the cost of your tank painting job while maximizing the lifespan of your coating.

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Steel tanks can often be susceptible to corrosion. Once a sign of rust arises underneath the steel tank’s paint, it's integrity can be comprised and delaying restorative work can only serve to increase the cost to you in the long run. Our industrial painters and sandblasters have decades of experience and know how to deal with these types of problems to maximize the useful life of the vessel. Whether it’s sandblasting the interior of your water tower and applying a high performance epoxy or plural component coating system or erecting swing stage scaffolding and overcoating the exterior of your oil tank, Alpine is the right contractor for the job.

To ensure a quality-finished product that upholds our high standards we often use power tooling, hand tool cleaning or ultra high water pressure water jetting to properly clean and prepare every surface. We utilize professional technicians to erect scaffolding, replace cathodic protection, provide extensive welding repairs, and install and paint cell antennas and other cellular equipment on water towers in NJ, NY, CT and PA.

Alpine is fully insured and equipped with industry leading systems to handle any type of tank painting project. We want you to see for yourself why Alpine sets the standard for sandblasting and tank painting projects. 

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