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 Industrial Floor Repairs

Alpine’s years of experience servicing industrial flooring means we have extensive expertise in meeting the concrete repair needs of many types of environments and for different industries. We continuously upgrade our techniques to stay ahead of advances in the industry that gives our clients exceptional service with fast turnaround and minimal impact to their operations.

Concrete surfaces require durable and long-lasting performance, particularly in high traffic areas. We review every project to make sure the products we are using meet the customers expectations from a performance and aesthetics standpoint.

Our vast portfolio of repair services includes:

  • Spall Repair – often caused by forceful impacts, dragging and pushing of pallets, or even debris caught on tires. When left unattended, spalls can damage forklifts, slow operations, create safety issues, and cause even more spalling.
  • Crack Repair – cracks will degrade the structural integrity of your concrete and can create a safety issue for your equipment and personnel. Cracks can also cause housekeeping problems as points of ingress for insects, moisture, debris, bacteria growth, and other undesirables.
  • Joint Rebuild – if you have rolling equipment, then the joints between your concrete slabs may be prone to damage over time. As they spall and deteriorate, they create severe and potentially dangerous operational challenges. We go beyond a fill of damaged joints with repair material. Our proper rebuild results in a complete, structurally sound, restoration of your joints.
  • Surface Preparation – we can remove mastics, glues, black tar, vinyl, carpeting, tiling and more from your concrete flooring surfaces. Big, medium or small, we service all facility sizes to ready slabs for immediate use, or for application of resinous flooring solutions such as epoxy coatings, or polishing your floors.
  • Joint Fill – Filling joints in a way that meets your operational requirements is important for protection and support as it saves the leading edge of your slab joints from perpendicular impact damage caused by wheeled traffic.
  • Wire Guide Installation – we can install the low voltage system that controls vehicle steering within Very Narrow Aisles (VNA’s). This installation will help the operator move safer, faster, while improving productivity when working at height. Floor specifications is an important criterion when considering installing Wire Guided systems.
  • Parking Garage Repairs – in such environments, it’s advised that expansion joints and the concrete surface be adequately maintained to reduce damage and control costs. Preventative action is key as many common problems can occur including degraded washings, caulking, clips and welds. Suspended decks are more prone to weather damage, so these require even greater attention.

Alpine also provides additional repair services such as exterior concrete repairs, exterior caulking, tilt wall repairs and caulking, preventative maintenance programs, and cleaning/sealing. With our level of attention to detail, we offer longer guarantees on our repair services than our competitors. We use the most advanced materials and techniques to facilitate repairs and other above-mentioned services. Once our work is completed, you’ll notice increased safety and productivity in your facility as a result of your smooth-running equipment.

Ben Scaturro Jr.
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They are the type of family owned business that you can give them the key, tell them what you want done, walk away, and when you come back it’s done.”
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This letter is to thank your organization for your skills and cooperation during the painting of the hall tiles and walls throughout the entire S. Hunterdon Regional High School. You were very considerate and polite while getting the job done”
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Look at the incredible transformation that your team created! You and your team are just amazing! Our space is heaven on earth because of the extraordinary care, details to colors, and over all personal touch and going the extra mile”
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Sherwin Williams is Proud to be associated with your company. It is very evident of why Alpine is a leader in the industry and why you are so sucessful during these turbulent times.”
Pete Ippolito, President & General Manager Mid Western Division Paint Stores Group
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"From the moment you contact Alpine Painting, they treat you like their most important customer. They set up site meetings to make sure everyone is on board with the entire scope of the project so there are no surprises once”
Michael Kalinowski, PE, PMP
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