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LEED Compliant Painting & Preparation

A growing number of businesses of all sizes are going green in response to the rising consumer demand for more sustainable products and environmentally friendly ways of doing business. As more consumers grow aware of the environmental impact of consumerism and industrial production, Alpine is responding to its clients' need for green painting expertise.

Aside from meeting our client’s expectations, the protection of their customers and that of the environment is equally important to us. For that reason, Alpine uses the most up-to-date surface preparations, green coating applications, and low VOC materials to meet LEED standards.

We believe all colors can be “green” so we ensure that our eco-friendly painting practices produce facilities that are healthier and safer places to work, live or visit.

Our clients rely on us to advise them on the best way to successfully meet their green-facility goals. We understand that using zero-VOC (volatile organic compound) or low odor coatings is oftentimes essential in occupied working environments. Our experienced painters and wallpaper hangers, therefore, follow the highest level of environmental standards, from surface preparation to coating application and all the way through to cleanup.

As members of the New Jersey USGBC, we closely align with their vision to transform the way buildings and communities are designed, built and operated, to enable an environmentally and socially responsible, healthy, and prosperous environment that improves everyone’s quality of life.

Our many green painting projects take place in factories, hospitals, schools, pharmaceutical facilities, apartment buildings, offices, hotels, retail stores, malls, libraries, and churches.

Some of the low odor and low/zero VOC paints we use include Benjamin Moore’s Eco Spec®, PPG Speedhide Zero, and Sherwin Williams’ ProMar 200 Zero. Alpine Painting’s site specific protocols and respectful communication procedures will address scheduling needs, architectural challenges, and any other special considerations ensuring your project adheres to any rigorous green standards. Call us today for help on your next green painting project.

Contractor Member of the New Jersey USGBC Green Environmentally Friendly Painting
LEED Compliant Green Painters in NJ and NY Green Environmentally Friendly Painting
Dave Scaturro
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Dave, FINALLY I have a painting contractor that works and acts like professionals. Your guys from top to bottom are first class.”
Lenny Ligieri, Owner
Sun Coast Builders LLC
We recognize that this would not have happened without the pristine expertise of Alpine Painting and Sandblasting. Thank you to everyone at Alpine Painting and Sandblasting Contractors for taking great care of the only National Historic Landmark in baseball.”
Brent Leggs, Senior Field Officer & Monica Rhodes, Manager of Volunteer Outreach
National Trust for Historic Preservation
I wish all the contractors that worked for me took as much pride in there work as the guys did as a project manager. It was just a total pleasure to work with Evan ,Adam, Ryan and Anthony. They are”
Daniel R Farge, Technical Supervisor, FMP, SFP
Brookhaven National Laboratory
"Dave has run several projects for us in the past 4 years. He comes in at his stated bid with little to no extras and the quality of his work is outstanding. I am pleased to recommend Dave to any”
John Davey, President of Comet Managment
Comet Management
Thank you for all the great work Dave. We value the level of expertise Alpine provides to us each year. You guys are great!”
John Van Decker, Property Manager, Taylor Mgt.
Towers West, High Rise
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