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Project: Wallcovering of the Luxury Mid-Rise Condominium, in West New York, NJ

Grandview II

Taylor Management is an accredited community management company that has been operating in New Jersey for over 20 years. With physical, financial and administrative expertise, Taylor Management manages over 100 communities. One of these communities is the Grandview, located in West New York, NJ. The Grandview II is a mid-rise luxury condominium, located on the Hudson River with a panoramic view of New York City.

The Grandview II, constructed 6 years prior to the project, had started to show signs of wear, especially in high traffic areas. In order to renovate the condominium, Taylor Management was looking to install new wallcoverings in the hallways of all five floors. After speaking with 5 different contractors, Taylor Management decided to use Alpine Painting for various reasons. We were not the cheapest contractor but Taylor Management needed someone they could trust to do a good job in a short amount of time, disturbing the tenets as little as possible.

We worked with Taylor Management to come up with a plan to renovate the Grandview II. After a few months of communication we wrote a final proposal to clean, prepare, paste and install wallcovering in the hallways of floors 1-5, of which floor 1 was unique and 2-5 were identical, totaling approximately 5000 lineal yards or 158 bolts. We also provided an alternate price to install corner guards in high traffic areas and attic stock of 10% of the wallcovering material for repairs in the future.

Prior to the start of the project we consulted with a Larry Silverstein, from MDC Wallcoverings to review samples of random no match patterns. The final decision was to install 48” 20oz. Type II commercial weight, MDC Genon Metalink, Color Crème W2-ML-03 wallcovering to wall surfaces. This wallpaper contains no VOC’s and is considered to be non-toxic. We made sure to use only materials from the same batch for consistent colors.

Once the material had been chosen we mobilized in August of 2011. We held a preconstruction meeting with the site supervisor, project foreman and the property manager Todd Downing to discuss a schedule, unique site characteristics, installation standards and safety. With a crew of six men we began by removing all outlet covers and assisting the owner in removing the furniture and pictures. We then began to prepare the walls that would receive the wallcovering. We were careful to protect and cover all surfaces that could be damaged while performing the work. To prepare the walls we first hand wiped dirt, dust and loose materials from the surface. Then, we used scrapers and hand tools to remove all loose and peeling paint, leaving only tightly adhered paint. Finally, we spackled and sanded minor deficiencies in the drywall surfaces to ensure a smooth uniform surface for the wallcovering to be adhered.

Once the surfaces were prepared we then began to apply the wallcovering. Using our paste machine we applied all of the Roman Ultra Clear Prop-880 adhesive to the material prior to installation. Once the paste was applied each individual sheet was rolled up and stacked for transport. The wallcovering was then brought to the workers to install by hand making sure to cut the material precisely around any permanent fixtures. We then installed the Defender Series 2325.1 1 ½” Drill Mounted Corner Guards to the corners of high traffic areas. After a few weeks of working normal business hours with the crew of six we had completed floors 1-5.

Once the hallways had been completed, Taylor Management was so pleased with our work they decided to have us renovate the gym and the club room. We coated the sheet rock in the club room with Sherwin Williams/MAB Rich Lux Latex, Flat Finish and the door trim with Sherwin Williams/MAB Rich Lux Latex, Semi-Gloss Finish.

Because of its heavy use and a poorly done paint job, the gym was not in very good shape. We protected everything including the workout equipment with plastic and then prepared the walls and ceiling as we did with the hallways. We then applied a spot prime of Sherwin Williams PrepRite Problock Stain Blocking Primer to bare and repaired sheetrock surfaces followed by a full finish coat of Sherwin Williams Quali-Kote Latex, EggShell Finish, to sheetrock wall surfaces and a full finish coat of Sherwin Williams Rich Lux Latex, Flat Finish, to sheetrock ceiling surfaces.

Alpine painting was at the Grandview II for a total of one month, disturbing the tenants as little as possible. In that time we were able to complete approximately 5000 lineal yards of wallcovering in the halls, repaint the club room and the gym, improving the overall quality and appearance of the mid rise condominium. We value Taylor Management as a customer and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Project Details

Wallcovering of 5000 lineal feet including:

  • Hallways of all five floors
  • Fitness Center
  • Club room

Materials Used:

  • 48” 20oz. Type II commercial weight, MDC Genon Metalink, Color Crème W2-ML-03 Wallcovering
  • Roman Ultra Clear Prop-880 Adhesive

Credit To

Todd Downing, Taylor Management

Jeff Logan, Taylor Management

Larry Silverstein, MDC Wallcovering

Ed Bain, Alpine Painting's Lead Project Manager

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