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The Top Industrial Painting Tips For Perfect Results

Posted Jul 18, 2022 by Dave Scaturro

 The Top Industrial Painting Tips For Perfect Results

Commercial buildings are not the only ones that need to worry about regular paint maintenance. It is just as important for businesses that provide industrial type services to maintain their building’s interior and exterior paint. Such attention serves several purposes. For one, maintaining the appearance of your paint jobs will keep the property looking more attractive and welcoming. Perhaps more importantly, regular industrial building painting will also improve workplace safety and prolong your facility’s lifespan.

Below are the most popular tips from professional commercial and industrial painting contractors that will make the most of your industrial building’s maintenance protocol.

Tip #1: Add a Regular Painting Maintenance Line Item to Your Yearly Budget

Budgeting for yearly paint maintenance ensures you are able to hire qualified professional industrial painting contractors and utilize the best paint products (including preferred industrial building paint colors) for the different applications outside and inside the facility. When you plan in advance for such expenses, you increase the chances that your maintenance task results are professional.

Tip #2: Always Schedule Painting Projects During Your Slow Season

Most industries have a slow season. Selecting this time to conduct all your maintenance tasks will ensure that your workflow and productivity is not severely affected. Painting jobs often require plenty of equipment and personnel so there will be operational disruptions. But these will be reduced or even avoided during a seasonal slowdown, such as during a major holiday.

Alpine Painting and Sandblasting is accustomed to working during the holidays and off-seasons to accommodate commercial and industrial businesses, so we will easily do the same during your industry’s slowest time of year.

Tip #3: Also Consider Operating Hours When Scheduling Your Painting Projects

Along with tip #2, your operating hours is something you will want to consider when scheduling your painters. If you are not able to schedule your painting job during a seasonal slowdown or closing, taking into account your hours of operation will become all the more important. Our advice is to schedule your industrial painting services at times when operational disruption will be minimal. For example, exterior painting may affect parking accessibility, and interior painting can disrupt the movement and flow of your employees and equipment. Planning your industrial painting around operating hours gives the industrial painting crew plenty of space to maneuver, a safer working environment, and allows plenty of drying time before employees return to work.

Tip #4: Regularly Reapply Paint to Flooring

Painted floors are often important in industrial buildings for directional and safety purposes. High traffic areas will need regular touch ups to keep lines and other painted areas bright and visible. You will also want to ensure the use of high-quality industrial paint formulated to withstand heavy wear and tear for longer.

If your facility’s floor is concrete and showing signs of cracking, include industrial epoxy paint in your painting budget. Epoxy floor coatings are highly durable and excellent for maintaining flooring in industrial buildings that use heavy equipment.

Tip #5: Repair Any Cracks or Peeling Paint

It's critical to prepare all surfaces before the start of any industrial building painting assignment. This preparation will help the paint adhere better to the surface and ensure lasting results. Any peeling paint on the interior or exterior walls or cracks in the floor that are not addressed beforehand will result in a job that looks sloppy and unprofessional. Alpine’s professional industrial painting contractors will survey the area beforehand and point out the surfaces that will need repairing before painting.

Tip #6: Select Higher Quality Industrial Paint

A best practice recommended by all professional industrial painting contractors is to always select the highest quality industrial building paint colors for the job. Your results will last longer if you do. As your professional contractor, we will inspect the surfaces and suggest the best formulas based on exposure conditions and regular wear and tear.

Tip #7: Make Sure You Hire an Experienced Industrial Painting Company to Do the Job

Beware of inexperienced painters, especially for sizable projects like industrial building painting, who typically do not have the right equipment, knowledge, or experience required to produce professional results. Professional industrial building painting contractors, such as Alpine Painting, are fully licensed and insured, including critical coverage like general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. And, we have the experience to help you choose the types of paint and industrial building paint colors best suited for your project.

With more than 45 years of experience in commercial/industrial painting and sandblasting throughout New Jersey and New York, we’ve successfully handled just about any industrial maintenance assignment. Our staff has decades of expertise meeting safety and industry regulations and is currently available to accommodate all your industrial maintenance needs.

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