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Internships at Alpine Painting Internships

Benefits of Interning at Alpine Painting

Over the course of this internship, you will develop many key business attributes including time management skills, sales and telephone skills, written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills. With your dedication and drive, you can establish proficient knowledge in the areas of estimating, project management, sales & accounting. Your success will be dependant on your ambition and ability to work closely with our staff to build relationships, estimate and job cost projects, negotiate and close sales, and manage projects successfully. In addition to these valuable job building skills, you will gain resume experience and develop many beneficial contacts.

Job Requirements

Interns are required to work a minimum of 15 hours and a maximum of 35 hours per week for the duration of a semester (approximately 16 weeks). Since this is a paid internship we expect you to possess a positive attitude and drive, to be on time, and keep close contact with our staff. If there are any questions or hesitations, please ask before you move forward, we are here to help.

Intern Opportunities

Intern opportunities exist Spring, Fall, & Summer Semesters with duties varying widely due to the diversity of projects. Each assignment provides a realistic sampling of the functions required of construction professionals during the early years of employment in the industry. Accepting an internship with Alpine Painting & Sandblasting is the ultimate opportunity to test your desire and aptitude for an exhilarating, fulfilling and prosperous career with us!

Each intern is given specific goals to achieve. Evaluations are based upon successful completion of these goals. Should the internship be mutually satisfying for the intern and the company, an intern may be offered full-time employment. Although interns are not eligible for typical fringe benefit compensation during the internship period, the intern is paid a competitive wage.

Business Sales: Supporting the full time sales representatives by assisting them with inside and outside projects and customer relations. Responsible for seeking new customers, and improving communication with existing clients. Duties also include writing, faxing & mailing proposals, gathering information for submittals, entering information into company data base, ordering materials, and equipment, putting together follow-up & close-out packages, and keeping in contact with field employees.

Marketing: Interns will work with Alpine Painting’s staff to devise new and creative ways to market our company. Specific tasks include handling mass e-mail marketing campaigns, creating and designing content for Alpine’s website, handling the company’s social media presence, and dealing with printers, designers, and other external marketing companies.

Estimating/Project Management: Interns will be working with our staff when reviewing plans and specifications to create a quantitative take-offs. You will learn how to utilize drawings and specifications, review plans and list information to provide an accurate estimate for new jobs. Working with the estimating staff, you will develop pricing, plan checking, document control, quality control, safety monitoring & follow up project managers to ensure projects come in on time & budget.

Accounting: The accounting department at Alpine Painting handles all business and client finances. Interns will be working closely with our on staff accountant learning hand on with accounts payable, accounts receivable, job costing, insurance, banking, and financial statements.

Career Development

Credit Internship: Alpine offers a college-credit internship program. Your Supervisors can produce a course syllabus if you are able to receive credit for your work with us. The program involves more than just executing projects and your supervisor will review the requirements with you before you agree to intern for credit. In addition, you are required to complete 20 hours per week for the duration of 16 weeks.

Summer Internship Program: Alpine extends paid summer internship programs.

Resume Reviews: Alpine accepts resumes on an ongoing basis for internal positions as well as for our referral program to our clients. Contact for more information.

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