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 Carpentry Services

Exterior Wood Repair and Interior Finish Carpentry Services

There is no reason to settle on a second rate carpenter that will leave you with mediocre results and an empty wallet. Alpine Contractors has a track record of over 35 years where we have provided expert carpentry services including exterior wood repair, rot replacement, and interior finish carpentry services. Our crews can also handle all of your wood working needs such as siding and trim replacement, deck repairs, installing doors and windows, and even interior finish carpentry.

Our architects and engineers can design the blueprints for full deck replacements and building additions for our carpenters to carry out. This type of seamless communication and coordination between carpenters, architects, and engineers is rare in the wood working industry and it is just one of the components that makes Alpine Contractors better than our competitors.

We have performed both routine and major carpentry services for condominiums and townhouses, churches, office buildings, hotels, shopping centers, malls, retail stores, and even delicate projects at historic reservation sites. For expert staining and coating applications, our sister company, Alpine Painting, can help accentuate your wood’s natural beauty and help insure that it looks good for years to come.

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Our skilled craftsmen are trained in a wide number of skills that will help us tackle any job. Carpentry Services
Dave Scaturro
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Call Dave Scaturro, Commercial Painting Specialist, at (973) 279-3200 x224 or use our online application.

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Ed - your periodic phone updates about the progress of the work are great. Keep up the solid work....”
James McCann, Community Manager
First Service Residential
The below is to certify that Alpine Painting`s team of professionals went above and beyond our expectations to make our high-rise resurfacing and waterproofing project go smooth and with no issues to report....”
Manny Esquivia
Taylor Management
Look at the incredible transformation that your team created! You and your team are just amazing! Our space is heaven on earth because of the extraordinary care, details to colors, and over all personal touch and going the extra mile...”
Rene Adams, Property Manager
First Service Residential
Your guys were great! And did the job on time. Thank you....”
Tracy Hubert, Owner of Manufactures Village
MFG. Village
Your firm provided top-notch craftsmanship throughout this daunting project, and I would look forward to working with you again in the future....”
John O’Dougherty, Project Manager
Nassau Hall

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