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Railings, lockers and equipment can be brought back to that fresh factory finish in no time at all. Electrostatic Painting

Metal fixtures like railings, cabinets and lockers tend to have a long lifespan. However, foregoing proper maintenance can lead to wear and tear that results in an unkept, unappealing look.

Electrostatic Painting is one of the most precise, cost-effective and eco-friendly painting methods to keep metal fixtures looking and performing well long-term.

This method leverages the magnetic attraction of positively charged paint particles that adhere to the negatively charged metal fixtures. In fact, when sprayed, the paint quite literally flies onto the metal and wraps itself around the entire surface, coating it smoothly and uniformly.

Electrostatic Spray Method. Electrostatic Painting

Manufacturing and machinery equipment painters and contractors use electrostatic painting often because of its many benefits, including:

  • Fewer spills and less paint wasted due to the magnetic attraction of the particles.
  • Less paint used overall, which means cost savings and a more eco-friendly job.
  • The magnetic attraction ensures paint will only coat surfaces it should while weaving its way into hard to paint areas making the job clean up and completion time faster.
  • The risk of overspray is almost nonexistent. This means your business can fully function even as a job is being completed in the next (or same) room! When facility shutdowns are necessary, it can be done on nights, weekends, or during holiday schedules to ensure there is no disruption to your business.

We are intimately familiar with the process of electrostatic painting and have over 45 years of expertise in the industry. If you’re looking to maintain or refresh your metal fixtures or furniture, give Alpine a call today!

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I wish all the contractors that worked for me took as much pride in there work as the guys did as a project manager. It was just a total pleasure to work with Evan ,Adam, Ryan and Anthony. They are”
Daniel R Farge, Technical Supervisor, FMP, SFP
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Just a wonderful experience, from beginning to end!!!”
Harvey Rosenberg, Manager Liaison
Country Club Property Owners Association
The tank looks great! Amazing what paint can do!!!!! We are very happy with not only with how nice the tank looks but were very impressed with your staff and their efficiency. Kudos to you!”
Patricia A. Cook, Manager, Facilities
"Hello David, The work went really well. Ed did an excellent work. Thanks for your help and hope working with you on future projects again. Thanks, Jorge"”
Jorge Rivera, Control Systems Implementation Mgr.
Your guys were great! And did the job on time. Thank you.”
Tracy Hubert, Owner of Manufactures Village
MFG. Village
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