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 Brick Pointing and Block Tuck Pointing

Removing bad, broken, cracked and deteriorated mortar from existing joints and replacing that with new mortar, when done right, adds structural value and aesthetic appeal to a building. Brick tuck pointing, the process of repairing damaged mortar by tucking mortar into the damaged joint, can make a structure look better, but also, it can stop water from entering it.

Cracked and deteriorated mortar joints will surely make any structure aesthetically unappealing and is often the most common way for water to enter and cause serious damage. Moisture intrusion in commercial structures can cause problematic consequences such as the growth of unseen mold. Once this happens, a business could begin to see significant problems, such as implications to the health of people that come into contact with the business, among many other issues.

When performing a brick tuck pointing job, it is essential that the repaired mortar joint is identically matched with the surrounding mortar. Such an expertly crafted execution will ensure that the building facade’s appearance is never compromised. In addition to safeguarding a building exterior, repointing deteriorated mortar joints can also be the most effective and permanent option to stop water from entering through brick and damaging the structure.

Alpine’s Professional Exterior Building Restoration and Waterproofing Services

Alpine Painting has years of experience in brick repointing, brick repair and brick and mortar repair. Our professional technicians are experts at performing brick joint repair by carefully removing damaged and deteriorated mortar with vacuumed grinders, to ensure no damage is done to surrounding masonry and dust does not enter the building or pollute the environment. We are ready, willing and able to perform brick pointing and block tuck pointing assignments for all types of building structures.

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