Case Studies

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Project: Montville Board of Education Commercial Exterior Project

 Project: Montville Board of Education Commercial Exterior Project

In the second quarter of 2021, Alpine Painting was approached by the Montville Board of Education in New Jersey to complete an exterior painting project at the Montville High School. As the scope of work expanded, the Board was required to place the project into a public bid. The project’s scope evolved from just an external painting job to one that included painting the building’s roof and drip caps, and repainting several areas of the siding around the perimeter walls. For the bidding, the Board was looking to secure a painting contractor that had very strong qualifications in all aspects of the assignment’s scope.

Alpine was able to secure the contract for the Montville High School project after successfully meeting each of the multiple program expectations set forth during the bidding process. Additionally, Alpine submitted its bid as a leading QP9 certified painting contractor, granting it a strong competitive edge and setting it apart from other contractors.

The process of obtaining QP9 certification verified that Alpine could perform surface preparations and architectural coating applications on commercial and institutional buildings and their interiors. Through certification, the program asserted that as a commercial painting contractor, Alpine had the personnel, organization, qualifications, procedures, knowledge and capability to produce quality surface preparation and coating application of architectural paints in the commercial market.

Upon the start of the project, Alpine was confronted with the fact that the Montville High School was built in 1971 and its surfaces were over 50 years old. In summary, the project’s scope of work included cleaning, preparing, priming and painting the exterior of the high school’s building. Surfaces of the project included reddish/brown corrugated siding/soffits in various areas.

The client made three change orders to the assignment as it progressed:

  1. Roof walls were added to the project after the work had begun.
  2. Corrugated metal roofing and siding in need of repair and repainting was added.
  3. Additional patch work was requested in the corrugated siding.

All patches were to:

  1. have a sealant around the perimeter and be mechanically fastened with self tapping screws and neoprene washers.
  2. follow the contour of the corrugated metal facia.
  3. be prepped, primed and painted according to the chosen color selection.

With a crew of eight people, Alpine commenced the project by power washing all surface areas using hand and power tools to clean, and by making on-the-spot repairs along the way. Once completed, the area had a full prime and two full finished coating applications.

The two month (June 28th to August 30th) assignment covered approximately 29,000 square feet of surface area. A major concern during the project revolved around a few incidences of high temperatures where work needed to be paused or paint application times moved to protect both the crew and to ensure proper coating application. Another important safety concern resulted from working on elevated surfaces in the roofing area, making it subject to inconsistent wind patterns. Because of the variable winds, the action of overspraying, especially in an area where the school had recently installed solar panels, became a troubleshooting concern for the Alpine crew.

Alpine’s years of experience and ingenuity when solving any of these major painting issues ensured the team never experienced a delay or allowed a problem to escalate even with the summer days of high heat and variable wind patterns. As one of the largest commercial painters in the New Jersey and New York area, Alpine prides itself in completing large painting projects in a short period of time, with industry recognized standards of excellence in application of paints and coatings in commercial and institutional structures.