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Project: Alpine Painting & Sandblasting Transforms Yards Creek Energy LLC Penstock

 Project: Alpine Painting & Sandblasting Transforms Yards Creek Energy LLC Penstock

Project Overview:

Yards Creek Energy LLC, a prominent energy facility, engaged Alpine Painting & Sandblasting for a comprehensive exterior transformation of one of its crucial assets – the penstock. The scope of work included cleaning, preparing, priming, and overcoating the exterior of the penstock, along with attention to concrete footings. The project aimed to enhance the structural integrity, aesthetics, and longevity of this vital component.

Project Phases and Timeline:

The project was meticulously planned with multiple phases to ensure efficiency and quality:

  • Mobilization (~3 days): Alpine swiftly mobilized its experienced team and equipment to commence the project promptly.

  • Safety Cable Installation (~5 days): Ensuring the safety of both workers and the structure, safety cables were efficiently installed.

  • Pressure Wash (~18 days): Utilizing water pressure ranging from 2500 to 5000 PSI, the team meticulously pressure washed to eliminate dirt, dust, and loose or peeling paint.

  • Power Tool Clean and Spot Prime (~18 days): Following SSPC-SP 3 (Power Tool Clean) and/or SSPC-SP 2 (Hand Tool Clean) standards, Alpine employed disk grinders, scrapers, and wire brushes for surface preparation. A spot prime coat of PPG Amerlock 600 Epoxy Coating was applied to rusted surfaces.

  • Full Tie Coat (~20 days): Applying a comprehensive tie coat for adhesion.

  • Full Finish Coat (~20 days): Alpine concluded the project with the application of PPG Durethane DTM Urethane Mastic for a durable and aesthetically pleasing finish.

  • Demobilization and Punch List (~3 days): The project concluded with efficient demobilization and a thorough punch list to ensure all aspects met the highest standards.

Exterior Surface Preparation:

Alpine prioritized surface preparation, covering and protecting surrounding areas, utilizing pressure washing, and employing power tools to adhere to industry standards. Safety measures were paramount, with careful containment of paint chips and debris.


Alpine used a systematic approach, applying a spot prime coat of PPG Amerlock 600 on rusted surfaces, followed by intermediate and finish coats using PPG Amerlock Sealer and PPG Durethane DTM. The chosen coatings are known for their durability and protective qualities.

Conditions and Considerations:

Several conditions were taken into account, such as matching existing colors, adherence to PCA and SSPC standards, and accommodating owner-provided amenities like electric supply, parking, and a portable toilet. Alpine's commitment to maintaining a continuous mobilization and utilizing their skilled non-union personnel ensured a streamlined and efficient process.

Challenges and Flexibility:

The project addressed potential challenges, including material supply shortages, environmental conditions affecting the coating system, and touch-up painting discrepancies between old and new paint. Alpine's flexibility in adapting to unforeseen circumstances showcased its ability to overcome challenges.


Alpine Painting & Sandblasting's collaboration with Yards Creek Energy LLC exemplifies their expertise in executing complex, multi-phase projects. The successful transformation of the penstock enhances its aesthetic appeal and contributes to its structural resilience. Alpine's commitment to quality, safety, and flexibility positions them as a reliable partner for demanding industrial projects.