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Emergency Containment System for Kinder Morgan’s Ontario Tank Yard in Philadelphia, PA

Kinder Morgan is a pipeline transportation and energy storage company that owns or operates more than 37,000 miles of pipeline and 180 terminals in North America. The liquids terminal where the work was performed is located in Philadelphia, PA and contains approximately 80 tanks. Alpine Painting was contracted to provide a secondary containment system for the Ontario Field, a 150,000 sq. ft. area that contains the largest tanks in the terminal.

The Ontario Field includes five storage tanks of varying diameters and is separated from the other fields by concrete walls and an earthen dike. The earth was compacted and graded previously by a separate contractor. Located in the area are many pipelines, staircases and walk ways that needed to be taken into account in order to provide a continuous containment system.

The scope of work consisted of applying the EnviroLoc 180CTM Environmental Containment Liner System to the area surrounding the tanks. Installed between the liner material and the compacted earth is 10 oz/sq yd of non woven geotextile fabric, for protection of the system.

EnviroLoc 180CTM is manufactured by X-treme Coatings and fabricated into sheets by Advance Coating Solutions, a Canadian Company located in Edmonton, Alberta, in various sizes and thicknesses based on the chemicals to be contained. The EnviroLoc 180CTM Spray on System creates a monolithic containment liner eliminating several of the major concerns of a traditional sheet liner system. Special attention is required when using a traditional liner system; the two highest failure points are the seams and around the pipe and piling penetrations. These areas are not a concern for EnviroLoc 180CTM Secondary Containment System; all of the joints chemically bond together making them stronger and creating on continuous monolithic liner and penetrations are encapsulated to ensure there is no leakage. Termination can be done directly into the ground or at a concrete post. Using this liner system was ideal for working around all of the small obstacles such as pipelines and stair towers, located in the Ontario Field.

Installation of the liner began on Thursday October 10th, 2010 and was completed on Monday November 15th, 2010. Once mobilized, the first step was to begin placing the geotextile fabric. Step 2 was to place the 15’ x 75’ liner sheets of EnviroLoc 180CTM on top of the geotextile fabric over the compacted earth. All seams were overlapped and then sprayed with our Graco Reactor HXP-3 plural component sprayer. The bases of the tanks and any penetrations through the liners were sprayed to ensure continuity. The liner was then terminated either at the concrete beams or directly into the ground. At a rate of approximately 10,000 sq. ft. a day we were able to complete all 150,000 sq. ft. of liner in the tight schedule allowed. Kinder Morgan can now rest assured that if there are any emergencies in the Ontario Field the hazard will be contained.

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Project Details

  • 150,000 Sq. Ft. Emergency Containment System


  • EnviroLoc 180CTM Liner
  • 10 oz/sq yd non woven geotextile fabric
  • Graco Reactor HXP-3 plural component sprayer
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