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Your Equipment Your Company

Posted Feb 03, 2017 by Emmanuel Beltran

 Your Equipment Your Company

As a construction company, your equipment builds your brand, and appearance is a large part of what customers see in you. Your image includes everything tangible with your service, and more. Just like the military, your business needs to be clean and uniformed. This way your service can have that professional look while providing a top-quality job. Don’t let your beat up trucks, trailers, and heavy construction equipment tell your customers to go elsewhere.  Let the professionals at Alpine Painting give you a painting price today to make your machines look new again. 

It’s to be expected that with continual use heavy construction equipment will wear down. Over time, dirt and rust may begin to stain your metal surfaces, so that it no longer has that the original luster from when it was first purchased.  Even though it still can perform quality work, customers perceive it to be less efficient or it takes away from your company brand.

 Your Equipment Your Company
 Your Equipment Your Company
 Your Equipment Your Company

Buying a new machine could be expensive.  So one alternative is to send it to us!  Alpine Painting has over 40 years of experience in restoring heavy construction equipment to make them look new again.  Our facility has a fully enclosed blast barn and two large industrial spray booths.  Our policy at the shop is to paint whatever can fit through our door. This includes large dump trucks, front loaders, drill rigs, compressors, tanks, structural steel, pressure vessels, heat exchangers and more.

You can either bring over your equipment and we can price it up for you on the spot.  Or feel free to send us pictures, dimensions, quantities and as much info as possible so we can accurately provide you with a detailed proposal.  Our shop project manager has years of experience and can examine your equipment to help determine the condition of its surface and recommend the right solution for you.

 Your Equipment Your Company

Our main shop services include sandblasting and applying high performance industrial coatings.  We have a variety of Sandblasting abrasives, which can remove years of rust & old paint from your machinery.  Our unique abrasives will all provide a different surface profile on your steel.  When corrosion occurs on the surface of your equipment, the rust can actually deteriorate the steel. Sandblasting will remove the paint and existing rust down to the bare steel.  At this time steel loss can be evaluated and any welding repairs can be completed prior to being repainted.  

As you may know, a properly painted surface has a lot to do with how well it’s prepped.  There is no better method than sandblasting.  However, since sandblasting is aggressive in nature a big part of our work is to cover and protect all sensitive areas, such as glass, break lines, motors etc. to ensure no abrasive or paint goes where it shouldn’t.  

Once that prep work is finished, our team can start applying the coatings. The type of paint that is most commonly used for construction machines is a high build epoxy/urethane paint system. These coatings adhere well to steel surfaces and are designed to be durable in industrial exposures.  They are intended to be exposed to outdoor weather conditions such as sunlight and rain. The high solids content ensures adequate protection of sharp edges, corners and welds.  

 Your Equipment Your Company

Speaking of welds, we have an in-house welder to help ensure paint isn’t the only thing holding your machine together.  Our professional welders will help inspect your equipment and bring any concerns to your attention prior to being painted.  

Want to use your company colors, our pleasure.  You can choose from any color in the rainbow.  Give us a color number and we can match it exactly.  This way, your heavy machinery can help define your company image. 

 Your Equipment Your Company
 Your Equipment Your Company

Make sure to call our Shop Specialist, Gabe Baez at 973-279-3200 x21, to help you re-shape your company’s image. The Shop is open from 8am to 3:30pm from Monday through Friday.  Give Alpine Painting and Sandblasting the opportunity to make your equipment look good.

Dave Scaturro
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Call Dave Scaturro, Commercial Painting Specialist, at (973) 279-3200 x224 or use our online application.

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