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Where Price and Quality Meet

Posted Jan 20, 2020 by Dave Scaturro

 Where Price and Quality Meet

Here at Alpine Painting we understand that hiring a commercial and industrial painting or flooring contractor isn’t easy. There have been numerous instances where new customers have complained about their previous contractor, stating that the paint job was sub-par, too expensive, or simply unprofessional. Here at Alpine Painting, we strive to provide the utmost transparency and avoid those negative connotations by providing detailed and honest estimations.

Whenever our customers request estimates for an industrial, commercial, in-house shop painting, or flooring projects we follow a step-by-step procedure by utilizing the most up-to-date estimation technology. After examining the job site, facility, or equipment, our estimators will utilize our in-house, custom estimating program that not only produces an accurate number, but also outlines a detailed proposal to ensure that our customers understand exactly what surfaces are included and how many coats we are applying.

Some unprofessional painting contractors provide a narrow-scope with vague information as their estimate, in hopes that they will capitalize on a scope-gap and provide their customer with a change order to raise the price at a later point in time. Our team of estimators takes the opposite approach. We are upfront and transparent from the very beginning to best understand what your needs are and how we can solve them.

There is a reason why we have one of the highest customer return rates in the Tri-State area. We only offer the highest quality service; hence, many engineers, property managers, and business owners have testified to our work. So why not give us a call or shoot over an e-mail? We promise to make you look good.

Dave Scaturro
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