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Types of Businesses That Benefit from Power and Pressure Washing

Posted May 23, 2022 by Dave Scaturro

 Types of Businesses That Benefit from Power and Pressure Washing

You’ve heard of power and pressure washing. Both power and pressure washing serve many of the same purposes such as getting rid of tough stains, cleaning loose and peeling paint, dirt, mold, mildew, or eliminating heavy oils and grease. Essentially, it helps a surface exterior look brand new again and maintains it so that you avoid needless costs down the road.

As an example, power or pressure washing can get rid of mold and mildew before it gets out of control. If you leave mold unchecked for too long, it can cause structural damage to painted surfaces and even concrete. Mold feeds on paint and finishes, removing them entirely. Power washing removes mold and mildew, along with dirt and grime, so you prevent them from turning into permanent damage.

Commercial and industrial businesses of all types can take advantage of the various uses of power and pressure washing. Although some uses for these washers are well known, some may surprise you.

Aircraft Services And Airports

Power washing can do a lot for businesses that use airplanes and other types of aircraft. It can clean airplane engines and other functioning parts. It can keep service areas pristine and even de-ice a plane. At airports, power washing can clear runways and hangers, and clean up running markers and lights.

Amusement Parks

There’s nothing amusing about a recreational park that appears dirty and unkept. Power washers are great for cleaning roller coasters and other rides that get heavy use. They are also good for getting the grit and grime off walkways that get heavy foot traffic daily. Food courts, concession stands, eating areas, and restrooms get lots of use and abuse throughout the day, but a good power or pressure washing can make them look fresh and clean.

Apartment and Condominium Complexes

Apartments and condominium complexes contain many residents in one efficient structure which means they see lots of daily activity and therefore have lots of places that need to be pressure cleaned. Power washing is great for cleaning sidewalks with unsightly debris such as chewed gum and parking lots subject to oil spills and other big messes.

Swimming pools at large complexes can also be teeming with germs and bacteria that can be easily cleaned with a pressure washer. Heating and air conditioning units can be subject to moisture and therefore mold and mildew which can be removed with a strong power cleaning.

Breweries and Other Bottling Companies

It is mandatory for facilities that bottling beverages to maintain high standards of cleanliness and sanitation in both their processing and storage areas. Using a power or pressure cleaner ensures all areas are safe and free of harmful bacteria. It is also wise to use pressure cleaners to clean the actual processing equipment. Delivery trucks can also be cleaned to assure the bottled beverages remain uncontaminated.

Car Dealers, Service and Repair Centers

Would you buy or service a car from a business that appears dirty and grimy? The car industry often contends with a bad reputation so extra effort needs to be placed towards making a great impression. Pressure cleaners can help achieve a clean look, both for the grounds and for the vehicles. Pressure cleaners are great for making sure all car parts are clean and ready for viewing. They’re great for keeping the body as well as the engine clean, plus they’re perfect for making white wall tires shine.


Yes, cemeteries can benefit greatly from power washing. Cemeteries are sentimental places where deceased loved ones are placed to rest. Keeping gravestones free of debris, grime and other weather-related elements that can damage them is a great use for power washing. It can also help keep excavation equipment and other vehicles clean and free of caked on dirt.


Farms are great places to use pressure washers for cleaning the not-so-pleasant messes. When animal pens and barns get full of mud, muck, and manure, power washers can clean up messes quite easily. Tractors and other farm equipment have a tendency to get full of caked on dirt and other messes that a power washer can take care of very easily.

Golf Courses

Golf courses can be found anywhere regardless of whether you are in a warm or cold weather climate. That’s because people of all ages can enjoy this highly pleasurable sport while also feeling a level of prestige and status while doing it. Managers of golf courses maintain their property’s status by maintaining well-manicured greens as well as the appearance of their clubhouse and other amenities.

One way to keep everything looking in tip-top shape is to use a pressure washer. Sometimes a power wash is all a fleet of golf carts or mowing equipment needs to assure that all the lawn clippings are blasted off. It will also keep the engines and other parts of the carts clean and properly functioning. In the food areas, patios, and cart paths, can make good use of a power cleaning to ensure they are free of old food, gum, and grime.


Stadiums are places where people not only consume large quantities of food and beverages, but are also focused on being entertained and not overly concerned with being tidy. For that reason, they are likely to spill food and beverages frequently. Unfortunately, stadiums are prone to ending up with vandalized seats, walls, and restrooms with graffiti. Pressure cleaners can remove caked-on food, beverage spills and unsightly graffiti. They can also clean heavily-used concession areas, parking lots, and sidewalks.

Retail Stores

Retail is a highly competitive industry and store exteriors need to remain clean and well-maintained to keep customers happy and likely to return. Store interiors that are in good shape without visible dirt or debris will ensure a pleasant shopping experience and attract more customers . Additionally, stores located in malls tend to bring in a lot of traffic so building structures, sidewalks and parking lots need to be properly cleaned at all times to ensure retail stores remain inviting.

Let Alpine Take Care of Your Power Washing

Alpine Painting has the experience and expert know-how to provide top-notch commercial and industrial cleaning services for scheduled exterior maintenance and for tackling the toughest facility, structure, restoration and graffiti removal projects. Our highly trained teams perform power washing services for commercial and industrial properties, such as those mentioned above, as well as churches, hospitals, hotels, offices, and schools.

For more than four decades, Alpine Painting has been the preferred pressure washing choice of facility managers throughout the Tri-State Area and Pennsylvania. We follow strict on-site protocols for safety, industrial detergents, cleanup and proper disposal of used materials, and are highly flexible whenever you need us - days, nights, weekends or during a holiday shutdown. Call us today to estimate your next cleaning project.

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