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Top 10 Most Cited Violations of 2020

Posted Feb 08, 2021 by Dave Scaturro

 Top 10 Most Cited Violations of 2020

Everyone appreciates a good top 10 list so we thought we would highlight the 10 most cited safety violations pertaining to our paint industry. The list below serves as a good reminder to take steps towards mitigating these hazards in the future. Have a look at the latest data on the most cited OSHA standard violations below as it should give a good idea of where to allocate training and development budgets. By properly training team members to avoid common violations, you can protect your workers and avoid hefty OSHA fines.

1. Fall Protection (Construction standard) – 8,241 violations

For several years, fall protection has been on top of the list, and 2020 was no exception. Falling has been the leading cause of injuries and fatalities for a long time. The compounded number, however, is largely impacted by an increase in fall related incidents to inspect, which lead to more violations. To avoid this, it is crucial to put fall protection in place when a worker is at a height of four feet or more.

2. Hazard communication – 6,156 violations

Chemical safety in the workplace is a requirement for businesses that handle, store, and use hazardous chemicals. OSHA requires these businesses to prepare labels and safety data sheets to convey hazard information to customers and Workers.

3. Scaffolding (Construction standard) – 5,423 violations

Scaffolding violations affect workers who are on a scaffold that gives way and other workers on lower levels who can be hurt by falling objects. OSHA stipulates that employers must provide fall protection for each employee who is on a scaffold more than 10 feet above a lower level. Every scaffold must be inspected by a competent person to determine feasibility and safety.

4. Respiratory protection – 3,879 violations

Exposure to workplace carcinogens can be detrimental to the health of workers. It is therefore crucial for employers to provide respirators for their workers as long as these respirators do not provide another hazard in the workplace, such as impaired vision, strained breathing. Employers must also assess the respiratory hazards and determine the contamination levels regularly.

5. Lockout/Tagout – 3,254 violations

The unexpected startup of machinery and equipment can lead to injuries and even fatalities. Employers should therefore establish and implement a written lockout/tagout program that consists of energy control procedures, employee training, and periodic inspections. They should also utilize, develop, and utilize machine specific procedures.

6. Powered industrial trucks – 3,340 violations

There are numerous cases of industrial trucks causing fatal accidents at the workplace. Improper use of vehicles, failing to recertify operators every three years, and failing to train employers can cause catastrophic incidents. Employers should ensure that operators are fully trained to recognize hazardous situations and circumstances.

7. Ladders (Construction Standard) – 3,311 violations

Falls from ladders are a leading cause of traumatic occupational death, accounting for 8% of all occupational deaths. Employers should have ladders clearly marked and labeled before use. It is also important to inspect every ladder before use and ensure that they are dry, stable, completely secure, and they can support the necessary weight.

8. Electrical wiring methods – 3,452 violations

Working in a location that has open knockouts on electrical boxes and cabinets, missing cover plates on pull boxes and junction boxes, and damaged cords and cables can be extremely dangerous. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that their workers know how to stay safe by ensuring that electrical training is mandatory.

9. Electrical (General Requirements) – 2,745

It is a requirement for all employers to ensure that their workers work in a safe environment by providing and implementing guidelines that prevent electrical violations. Workers should get adequate electrical training to ensure that they know how to be safe when working on a dangerous site. Employers should also remove all electrical hazards to prevent any accidents.

10. Machine guarding – 2,701 violations

Failing to have machines and equipment adequately guarded can cause fatal accidents in any workplace. Employers should therefore have any machine part, function or process that could cause injury safely guarded. When operating a machine can cause injury to the operator or other workers in the area, the hazard should immediately be removed.

Preventing Accidents and Violations Through Safety Training

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) says employers can save between $4 and $6 for every dollar they invest in training and prevention. It pays off in lower costs, increased productivity, and safer workers. Developing an ongoing workplace safety training program is the key to preventing avoidable accidents, injuries, illnesses, and deaths.

At Alpine Painting, safety is not just a word the sales department uses to close a job. Safety is a belief and process that is evaluated every day, on each job, to prevent injuries or death to our valued workforce. It’s instilled in the minds of our workers because we don’t have to think about it, it’s just what we do every day. Alpine uses a systematic approach to each project to make sure every precaution is taken to eliminate hazards and reduce the chance of injury. It’s a good feeling when we receive our employee’s bi-annual reviews and they consistently thank Alpine for caring about their wellbeing on the job. For that reason and many more, Alpine continues to receive Awards for Excellence in Safety.

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