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Scheduling Your Fall Exterior Painting Projects

Posted Sep 21, 2022 by Dave Scaturro

 Scheduling Your Fall Exterior Painting Projects

As the winter chill approaches, commercial painters everywhere are scrambling. Why? Because this is the last time of the year for professional painting contractors to schedule your much needed exterior projects before the cold weather sets upon us.

If you’re contemplating on repainting your commercial or industrial building’s exterior before the winter season kicks off, here are a few things to keep in mind for your next paint job:

1. Before you start to repaint

Take a moment to look at the status of your exterior walls. Cold weather, heat and humidity make it easy for dirt, rot, mold and algae to accumulate and permanently stain your building. An important part of maintaining the quality of your exterior is taking the time to pressure wash or prepare your building for painting. This way, you can easily remove dust, dirt and grime from the walls, fences, driveways and sidewalks.

2. Walk through and inspect your surfaces

After you’ve washed everything down, walk through and check all surfaces for cracking, peeling, chips or excessive fading. These are indicators of coating failure. If you notice these defects, you must act right away and implement corrective measures, doing so will help prevent permanent coating failures or water infuriating into your building over the winter months.

3. Look to the weather

Project planning means looking at the forecast and choosing your days wisely. You might not know, but the most ideal weather for an exterior paint job is when the temperature is around 50-80 degrees with a humidity level at about 50%. Surfaces that have sat in the sun for extended periods of time can be up to 15-20 degrees hotter than if they were shaded. Extreme heat will dry the coating very quickly and can cause heat blisters in the surface texture. Depending on the coating, too cold is not great either. Some primers & paints can be applied below freezing temperatures. But most exterior paints cap out at 35 degrees.

Alpine Commercial Painting and Sandblasting Contractors is substantially broad in scope and ability. Our operational systems assure you get the right manpower on your job when you need them: day, night, weekends, holidays, even tomorrow morning when an emergency arises.

As one of the largest commercial painters in the New Jersey and New York area we pride ourselves on our ability to complete large painting projects in a short period of time. Get in touch today for your free estimate.

If you want to get your building refreshed before the cold weather approaches, don't wait and call Alpine today.

Dave Scaturro
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