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Safety - A Concept Embedded in Alpine Painting’s Culture

Posted Jul 22, 2016 by Benjamin

 Safety - A Concept Embedded in Alpine Painting’s Culture

When it comes to our business, Alpine Painting is always valuing relationships with our customer, customer satisfaction, and excellence in the work we do. However, above all that, Alpine Painting ensures that safety will be guaranteed to our workers and those involved in the job site. Whether it’s an industrial structure, commercial building, or a small sandblasting project within our shop, Alpine Painting makes it clear that health comes first. But with the circumstances differing every time with each project, how is Alpine Painting consistently maintaining its safety policies?

We start internally, by continually teaching our workers with the latest safety and health techniques. In fact, Alpine Painting has created a robust safety and training program that has become the backbone to our safety procedures. Our field workers are trained to inspect all rigging equipment, personal protective equipment, cable motors, harnesses, and so much more. After our field workers complete the classroom training and hands-on training, they are eventually rewarded the OSHA 10 hour training certificate while some of our foremen earn the OSHA 30.

Externally, we have a full-time environmental safety and quality manager that is constantly going out to our different job sites and auditing the area. Because each location is different, Alpine Painting is always going to face new hurdles, yet we still get the job done. By having our supervisors and project managers go out to the fields alongside our field workers, we are able to identify potential problems before or during our project, and are able to eliminate those hazards in a quick and sound manner. Because we are such a safety-conscious company, we even supply the proper equipment ― safety boots, uniforms, hard hats, safety glasses, earplugs, and everything else required in order for our employees to work in the safest manner possible.

Lastly, we care deeply about workers who were unfortunately exposed to these hazards; hence why we celebrate Workers’ Memorial Day ― a day dedicated to honor families who have suffered from a potential tragedy. By celebrating this day, we want to make it clear that our workers’ health and safety are our priority. Because we know that there are many potential risks that are present when our field workers are performing their jobs, Alpine Painting has made it clear that safety is something more than a mere training and understanding, it’s a company necessity.

Dave Scaturro
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