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How do I know which resinous flooring solution is right for my business?

Posted Oct 01, 2019 by Dave Scaturro

 How do I know which resinous flooring solution is right for my business?

With so many options, how do you choose a Flooring System for your operation?

With today’s ease of access to the information highway aka the internet, finding a resinous flooring system for your facility has never been easier. But, you'll surely experience an overload in information on these products which has made it harder to narrow down exactly which one is the right one for your unique space.

Flooring manufacturers offer everything from water-based/solvent-free systems, to fast curing or green technology all in the form of epoxy, polyurethane, methyl methacrylate, or polyasparctic options. Yeah we know -- it can get complicated. To make matters even more complicated, depending on the manufacturer’s range of options, you have to decide whether you just need a simple floor coating, a high-build intermediary system, or a trowelled mortar system. All of these systems are designed to protect and enhance your facility’s concrete floor, but they offer varying levels of strength and capability.

So, let's get down to answering your question. Continue on...

 How do I know which resinous flooring solution is right for my business?

A Must: Resinous Floors that Protect Concrete Concrete is a great building material -- strong, adaptable, economical, and widely available, but it is also very porous, susceptible to chemical attack and relatively poor when subjected to impact, abrasion and wear and tear. The resinous flooring system you choose should protect your concrete from the environment and activities unique to your operation as well as other hosts of issues that are created by those activities including dust and dirt, water spillage, heating and cooling, bacterial growth and contact with organic acids, grease, oils and chemicals.

You Know Your Operational Conditions Best Any commercial or industrial facility can find similar examples from perspectives of hygiene, abrasion, infection control, design aesthetics, chemical resistance, slip resistance or flooring lifespan. Whatever type of facility you work in, you know the environment’s conditions better than anyone. Without researching a single resinous floor system, you can outline the conditions of your space and expectations you have in order to get the best value and performance from your floor. After that, have a flooring expert help you through the rest. They will you find a solution that fits your requirements.

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