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Hiring An Industrial Painting Contractor Requires Accurate Project Specs

Posted Aug 15, 2013 by David Guy

 Hiring An Industrial Painting Contractor Requires Accurate Project Specs  Hiring An Industrial Painting Contractor Requires Accurate Project Specs

When a job begins, the last thing any contractor wants to do is find out they are about to hit a speed bump on a job that has already started. In a field involving heavy duty work such as structural steel painting, water tank lining, sandblasting, and the like, your industrial painter realizing too late that the job specifications have been misunderstood, miscommunicated or are just plain wrong will create a hassle for everyone. Therefore, before hiring an industrial painting contractor, it is crucial in the interest of time, money and frustration that accurate project specifications have been established for the sake of the contractor and the structure owner. These project specifications are the plans that the contractors will follow to complete the job. They will include everything from the work that needs to be done, information about the structure, and exact deadlines on when certain work will be done.
Whether you’re hiring a contractor for structural steel painting or corrosion resistant coatings, the specifications should be created by gathering project information through speaking with the owner of the structure. The current coatings that are on the structure need to be evaluated, to see if they can even be over-coated at all! In the interest of having a sound safety program, the structure also needs to be evaluated to determine the safety of its current state, and to see if any improvements are needed. Realistic deadlines must be set, keeping in mind the interests of the owner as well as the time required to complete the job correctly. Legal requirements must also be determined for application and removal/disposal of coatings. A number of other things should be taken into serious consideration when project specifications are being draw up. The environment of the structure or tank can mean a completely different specification is needed, especially if a specification, for say, a very cold environment is proposed for a project in a desert. Reputable equipment and coating manufacturers, as well as NACE coatings inspectors should all be utilized, promoting the teamwork that is necessary to complete a job correctly and safely.
When bidding for the contract commences, the requests of the owner must be understood by all bidders. Prior to a pre-bidding conference is when potential contractors should take the time to understand all of the requirements of their potential future work. Once the bid is won, and the winner should, of course, employ OSHA certified craftsmen, and a pre-constrution conference should be held before any work begins with the entire project team involved. This team could include,an engineer, the owner, a third party inspector or NACE coatings inspector, the contractor and sub-contractors as well as, possibly the supplier(s). Everybody should know the job and their role in it by now, and if not, this is the time when clarification on project specifications should be addressed by any parties who are unclear. A work schedule will be submitted, dictating who will do what and when, and in what order. These specifications are very important, as the schedule must be adhered to, in order to prevent confusion at the job site. As it is said, however, plans are made to be broken! When there is an inevitable hiccup in the job and the schedule needs to be modified, it is crucial that all parties involved can communicate and work to not only fix and address the problem causing the delay, but can get back on the horse and finish the job in a timely manner. Issues like weather, location, environment and even wildlife around a project area can inhibit the most perfectly planned project.. Just as important as planning the job in the first place is ensuring the schedule can be modified in the event something changes.

Hope and good intentions are not enough to make an industrial painting or coating project come to life. A lot of hard work and preparation is required during the job, but more importantly, before. There will always be bumps along the way, but without proper specifications laid out for all those involved, the project will have a hard time ever getting off of the ground. Using old or recycled specifications, specific to say somewhere on the Western coast of the US meanwhile the job is in NJ, NY, CT or PA can result in a number of problems, as the specifications were not meant for the new project. Because of this, it is a good idea to utilize local contractors. For potential industrial structure or tank painting, coating or sandblasting jobs on the East coast, a company like Alpine Painting could be utilized to ensure that not only is the contractor experienced and reputable, but they would be familiar with project specifications specific to that area.

For more information on hiring a local industrial painting contractor, such as Alpine Painting, contact them direct at or at 866-596-0349.

By Dave Scaturro, Sales Director for Alpine Painting.

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