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Find A Painter

Posted Jun 19, 2014 by Dave Scaturro

 Find A Painter

Your commercial space is a place you take pride in, a place that reflects who you are as a business and how you operate. When hiring a contractor to paint your building, there are many more steps to consider than just placing a phone call. Below are some tips Alpine has for you to utilize while hiring a qualified contractor to paint your commercial space.

Get Referrals: Ask around. Talk to your friends, family, acquaintances, or even your local paint store to question about their experiences with local contractors. If a contractor is worth talking about (in a positive manner, of course), then they might just be worth your business.

Get Estimates from Multiple Contractors: Don’t settle for one estimate. Have each prospective contractor come to your space and give you an estimate. If estimates are far off from each other, you may want to consider what shortcomings could potentially occur or what you may be overcharged for.

Take a Thorough Walk through the Project: Walk through the entire project with each potential contractor. Make sure they are aware of every detail of the project, especially details that are likely to adjust the price. This assessment should include every surface you want painted, including the walls, trims, moldings, ceilings, floors and the colors and finishes you prefer.

Questions to Ask Potential Contractors:

- How long have you been in the painting business?
- Do you provide written contracts for your services?
- Do you have the proper licenses to perform this project? (Licenses depend on what state you are in)
- Do you have insurance and bonding? (In case of injury and liability)
- Are you a part of any national or local painting contractors’ associations?
- Is your work subcontracted or do you perform it yourself?
- Do you have any references you could provide me with?
- What products do you use?

Questions to Ask Yourself:

- Does the contractor project professional behavior?
- Does the contractor show reliability between correspondences?
- Is the contractor timely and business-like?
- Does the contractor acknowledge and respect all of your requirements for the project?
- Is the contractor busy with work? (Usually the good ones will be busy)

Contact References: If the contractor you are considering does not give you references then you should reconsider their business. When they do give you references make sure to get at least three and speak to them directly. You may even want to visit the references and evaluate the work that was performed and how durable the project was.

Evaluate the Written Contract: Once you have found the right contractor for the job, make sure to ask for and review your contract carefully. Remember, it is okay to ask about any misunderstandings within the contract: you are the customer.

The following should be included in the contract:

-The surfaces that are being painted
-The paint colors that are being used and on what surface
-The preparation and cleanup method
-The timeline of the project
-When and how the contractor will be compensated

When it comes to our customers, Alpine does not only want to provide the very best service, but the very best professional advice. We know it isn’t easy tackling a project that is unfamiliar to you and you shouldn’t have to do it alone. To get the ball rolling, visit Find a Painter and start researching painting contractors near you!

Dave Scaturro
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