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Commercial Flooring Trends in the Age of COVID

Posted Jan 25, 2021 by Dave Scaturro

 Commercial Flooring Trends in the Age of COVID

In 2021, sustainability remains the dominant theme of commercial flooring. From this idea came several new developments in the industry. The range of possibilities in commercial flooring is no longer limited to carpet, linoleum and ceramics. Innovations in the field now offer a multitude of options, offering different installation and environmental possibilities.

Practical Designs

Studies show that pedestrian flow systems can assist in the fight against coronavirus and reduce personal contact between individuals. It is no surprise, then, that directional walkways and floor signage have risen in popularity.

Using flooring design to create borders and dedicated areas has also become favorable. The flow of traffic is important to regulate and permanent floor markings and wayfinding can be designed into seamless, poured-in-place flooring. Arrows, words, logos, and custom patterns can be created to make it clear to all the proper directions and locations, get people quickly where they need to be, and limit traffic to certain areas.

Contrasting Colors

Color contrasting is by no means a new trend, but it’s certainly something we’re bound to see a lot more of in the age of Covid. When it comes to flooring, color contrast can enable designers to deliver unique, stand-out designs. Using bold colors against softer neutral hues can also help emphasize flooring borders, zones and pathways within a building.

Although practicality is still very much king, it doesn’t mean that commercial interior designers can’t have fun with flooring. One trend which we expect to take off in 2021 is pairing bold colors with daring patterns. Those who want to create striking and unusual designs may look to combine both to create truly unique flooring.

Polished Concrete

Clean industrial-looking environments are currently popular and the polished concrete floor perfectly complements this trend. Concrete is now integrated into interior design for its aesthetic, practical and resistance. This type of flooring in a corporate space is used in small doses as it does not have the acoustic characteristics of the carpet. For this reason, many designers integrate certain areas into their environment.

Frequent Cleaning

Clean and hygienic flooring solutions are key, whether dealing with COVID-19 or any other issue. In hallways, waiting rooms, lobby areas, isolation rooms, patient rooms, or classrooms, the floors must constantly be cleaned. Most facilities use a combination of robotic scrubbers and mopping by janitorial staff. Deep-cleaning UV robots are now available to ensure the floors are sterilized. With water, abrasion and wear, cleaning chemicals, and even UV light, a floor can break down, so it is important for facilities management to invest in a flooring system that will ensure successful cleaning but also stands up to aggressive cleaning methods for the long-term.

Investing in the Future

COVID-19 has been an eye-opener in many areas, and nowhere more than in commercial markets. Most operators do not have time to stop for flooring repairs and replacements, that is why selecting the appropriate flooring solutions and flooring professionals to install or repair will solve all possible issues from cleaning and chemical resistance to design and durability, is critical. Contact our team for an estimate today.

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