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PCA Trade Best Practice Training Video Series

Posted Jan 18, 2021 by Dave Scaturro

 PCA Trade Best Practice Training Video Series

At Alpine Painting & Sandblasting Contractors, we are dedicated to promoting the continual excellence of the painting and sandblasting industry and to supporting the professional growth of its practitioners. For those who are new to the profession, an excellent video series was recently launched by Benjamin Moore and PCA Education Foundation called Trade Best Practice that provides an introduction to the painting industry and some of its basic elements.

Each episode in the series, 15 in total, offer painting companies with an employee training tool that helps to establish a solid foundation for the next generation of painters.

The Trade Best Practice series covers topics and vocabulary on what every new painter should know: prep, cleaning, organization, safety, sanding, priming, brushing, rolling, and more. Below is a preview of the series with a brief description of every episode.

EPISODE 1: The Painting Industry


A discussion on what it means to have a career in the painting industry and introduction to work safety and organization. The video goes in the field to see how both commercial and residential companies stay safe and organized.

EPISODE 2: Cleaning


Different types of cleaning and the importance of preparing surfaces for painting is covered. An onsite visit shows how professional painters keep homeowners’ belongings protected, and how contractors remain safe when preparing commercial projects. This video demonstrates the Trade Best Practices for prep and cleaning.

EPISODE 3: Taping


This video discusses the different attributes and types of tape. It also goes out in the field to see how companies tape trim and baseboards. The Trade Best Practices for application and the differences between tape types are demonstrated.

EPISODE 4: Masking


Masking materials and how to use them on various projects is discussed. A field visit shows how several companies mask both commercial and residential projects. The Trade Best Practices for masking big and small objects, making a hanging loop and the differences in masking materials are demonstrated.

EPISODE 5: Huddle-Up and PPE


In this video, the importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on job sites and safety resources is covered. It also goes in the field for a respirator test and attend a team training.

EPISODE 6: Sanding


The video discusses what and where to sand and what tools to use. A demonstration shows how sanding smooths surfaces, the benefits of a dustless sander and how painters choose the right grit for the job. The Trade Best Practices for using power and pole sanders are demonstrated.

EPISODE 7: Spackling


This video explains why and where to spackle and gives an overview of the different types of spackle. A field visit demonstrates how to fix minor and major imperfections, and the Trade Best Practices for inspecting walls, selecting putty knives and spackling.

EPISODE 8: Caulking


Aspects of caulk and ladder safety are discussed as well as how companies choose the type of caulk for the job and how they apply it. A demonstration of the Trade Best Practices for cutting a tube, loading a gun, applying caulk and maximizing wingspan on ladders is provided.

EPISODE 9: Planning and Sequencing


In this video, site planning and sequencing is discussed and how it improves overall workflow. A field visit demonstrates how companies plan and how a worksite organization saves time and keeps its crew members safe.

EPISODE 10: Priming


The video discusses the major attributes of primers and gives examples of each. A field visit shows the different priming methods and how to decide between primer types. The Trade Best Practices for opening and pouring paint and rolling primer are demonstrated.

EPISODE 11: Brushing


In this video, professionals discuss the different parts of a brush and the basic attributes of paint. They go in the field to brush trim and intricate surfaces. This video demonstrates the Trade Best Practices for brush loading, brush type and cutting in.

EPISODE 12: Rolling


The video discusses the benefits of rolling, types of roller covers, and roller size. A field visit explains how companies roll on both commercial and residential projects. This video demonstrates the Trade Best Practices for using a positive locking roller system, loading a roller and rolling a wall.

EPISODE 13: Cleanup and Closeout


Here you get to see what a painter is responsible for at the end of the day and the importance of closeout. The video goes into the field to learn how end of the day cleanup is a team effort and the benefits of having a good closeout system in place. It also demonstrates the Trade Best Practices for brush cleaning and roller disposal.

EPISODE 14: Business


In this video, industry experts discuss business-related factors to keep in mind when on the job. They go into the field to meet business owners who show us how their companies operate and learn about the qualities they look for when hiring new painters.

EPISODE 15: Expertise


The last video of the series discusses the recipe for success for a rewarding career in the painting industry. Business owners share how they got started and grew their companies. They also give tips on how to be a successful painter. This video demonstrates exercises you can do before and after the workday to keep your muscles warm and ready.

PCA will also be making available to employers more instructional materials, a Learning Management System to track progress, and digital certificates of completion and demonstration of key skills.

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