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5 Important Factors When Creating an Estimate for a Customer

Posted Jan 06, 2020 by Dave Scaturro

 5 Important Factors When Creating an Estimate for a Customer

Below are a few very important factors we take into consideration when creating an estimate for an existing or new customer.

1. Substrate

The surfaces on your project are the most important elements that any painting contractor should consider – it’s what ultimately determines other factors. Once we clearly identify what’s being painted, we then go into how we will paint it. The recurring items that we consider are: How do we access the area? How do we protect surrounding surfaces? What type of surface preparation is required? What kind of paints or coatings will we utilize? How fast can we finish the project while working safely? And finally, how do we create the least impact on your business operations?

2. Surface Preparation

The most important part of a successful painting project is in the surface preparation. The adhesion of the paint is directly tied to how well you prepare the surface to accept the coating. Our firm subscribes to the idea that 80% of any good paint job is intrinsically tied into the surface preparation. So, in a nutshell, the better the prep, the better the job.

3. Access

When it comes to industrial or commercial painting projects, safety items, ladders/lifts/scaffolding, and/or cutting edge equipment will most likely be needed. Our craftsmen are trained to work in and around elevated complex structures. While Alpine Painting endeavors to make you look good, we also want to ensure safety for our workers, especially when it comes to more dangerous job sites.

4. Coatings/Materials

Our estimators are trained by various coating manufacturers to specify the appropriate primer and finish paint systems for various substrates and environments. We have over 40 years of experience working with standard latex, solvent borne alkyds, high build elastomerics, durable epoxy, and high performance urethane coating systems. We have the knowledge of how to properly mix and apply two and/or three component materials and have the high-tech equipment so that we can properly spray them on your projects.

5. Labor

We recognize that each one of our people represents our company. This is why we work so hard to train our craftsmen on what a properly painted surface looks like. Our focus is to provide a safe working environment, a quality finish project, all while providing clear communication to our customers. Our project managers provide consistent updates on job status and ensure that quality is upheld.

View our Checklist for how to Hire a Commercial Painting Contractor. There is a reason why we have one of the highest customer return rates in the Tri-State area. We only offer the highest quality service; hence, many engineers, property managers, and business owners have testified to our work. So why not give us a call or shoot over an e-mail? We promise to make you look good.

Dave Scaturro
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