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3 Industries That Benefit From Antimicrobial Coatings

Posted Aug 08, 2022 by Dave Scaturro

 3 Industries That Benefit From Antimicrobial Coatings

Painting and coating interior surfaces can do more than just add a pop of color!

In fact, recent advances in painting technology have shown that paints and coatings can now offer everything from health protections, cooling, grip and even smart technology. This means your paint may actually play a role in keeping your employees and customers safer.

One such advancement is antimicrobial coating, which has become even more prominent in a post-pandemic world. These coatings are engineered to repel potentially harmful microbes through nanotechnology, which helps keep surfaces sterile and provides increased hygiene without the need to constantly disinfect. While this type of paint may be beneficial for a host of business, here are three we recommend in particular:


Any parent knows that schools can be an easy target for illness-causing bacteria and germs. Using antimicrobial coatings on high traffic areas in schools, like hallways and doorframes, can help stop or slow the spread of disease or eliminate outbreaks altogether. This provides protection not only to staff and students at school, but also the ripple effect of disease spread to family members of the household as well.


Similar to schools, the traffic hospitals see day in and day out can result in additional germ and disease spread to patients, staff and visitors. Fortunately, the medical industry has begun to capitalize on the technological advancements that antimicrobial paint can offer. Not only can hospitals leverage it for surfaces like walls and door frames, but also as a finish coating for high touch areas like medical equipment.

Food and Beverage Facilities

Similar to hospitals, antimicrobial coatings in food handling facilities and restaurants can be used on equipment and surfaces. This can help slow the spread of harmful bacteria to the food being prepared as well as to staff and customers.

As one of the leading commercial and industrial painting contractors in the tristate area, we pride ourselves on staying up-to-date on the latest in painting and coating technology, including antimicrobial coatings. We work closely with our clients to ensure their paint project is customized for their business and space. Click below to get started today with an estimate.

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