Roofing Coatings and Painting

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 Roofing Coatings and Painting

One thing that all industrial facilities have is a roof, and they share in common how integral a role it plays in their operations. While a roof is often out of sight (and for many, out of mind), it serves a vital part in protecting the inside of a building from inclement weather, regulating its internal temperature, and protecting its contents from damage.

Alpine Painting & Sandblasting performs roof coating and other industrial roof services to help businesses maintain their facilities in optimal condition year round, and all while allowing it to operate without interruption. Whether you manage a manufacturing plant, warehouse, treatment facility or another type of building, our contractors will help identify a solution that meets your needs.

Industrial Roof Coating

Roof coatings are polymer based liquid compounds that are either sprayed or rolled directly onto a roof. They create a seamless, water-tight membrane – but only when correctly applied by experienced professionals. Roof coatings are a popular choice for industrial facilities because they can be applied to a wide variety of roofing applications, such as spray foam, metal, single-ply, built-up, rubber, flat, modified bitumen, low-slope and most other common roofing materials.

We offer two main coating types: elastomeric coating and spray foam roofing. An elastomeric coating is a polymer-based liquid compound that expands and contracts with fluctuating temperatures to prevent cracking. Spray foam roofing is a polyurethane material that offers similar benefits. The elasticity of a coating allows it to expand and contract with fluctuating temperatures without damaging a roof. Our elastomeric coatings have ENERGY STAR® and LEED certification, and both roofing systems minimize maintenance requirements.

One of the main benefits of being ENERGY STAR® certified is that it helps lower your annual heating and cooling costs and makes your facility more energy efficient (create link to blog #1). One of the defining qualities of a roof coating is that they are reflective. In other words, instead of absorbing and retaining heat, they reflect harmful UV rays which is how they are able to help regulate the interior temperature of your facility.

While roof coatings are money savers when it comes to utility costs, they are also maintenance free. A simple washing once a year and routine inspections will ensure an effective roofing system for many years. Roof coatings can also offer great protection against corrosion if you have a metal roof. The elements – inclement weather, sun, pollution, rain, hail, etc. — take their toll on metal surfaces, often resulting in corrosion. Regardless of whether a roof comes with a factory finish or is bare galvanized steel, the effects of corrosion will cause the roof fasteners to corrode and allow water to enter the facility over time. Corrosion will also wear through the sheet steel, causing it to become weak and perforated, ultimately leading to leakage and possible replacement down the road.

Roof Sealing & Refinishing

Alpine has been painting roofs on manufacturing plants, factories and industrial facilities for over 40 years, and has handled all aspects of damage remediation extending the life of roofs for years to come (create link to blog #2). We continue to excel at assessing a roof’s condition and offering the best remediation option available depending on which signs of deterioration are visible.

If a roof shows corrosion but no leaks, a direct-to-rust epoxy primer would be applied to stop the corrosion, as the epoxy is able to catalyze in the rust, stopping the corrosion and preventing air and water from reestablishing it. A finish coated with a durable urethane would then be applied for long term aesthetic performance.

If the roof is leaking, an elastomeric roof coating system designed to encapsulate the roof would be applied to bridge all gaps and seams and act as a wrapping system for the roof. Elastomerics have great elongation, and provide excellent waterproofing ability when the seams and entry points of the roof are sealed with the appropriate systems.

Call Us to Schedule an Inspection

When applied correctly by a professional, a coating can last up to 10-20 years. Performance can vary depending on your location’s climate and any unpredictable weather conditions, but for the most part, premium roof coatings have the ability to last for many years with routine roof inspections and maintenance. Our professional team at Alpine is on standby and ready to conduct an inspection that will ensure your roof continues to perform for many years to come.

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