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 Epoxy Injection

Cracks on concrete tanks, foundation concrete walls or retaining walls are a sign of trouble ahead, so addressing the problem immediately should be your first step of action. In these circumstances, an epoxy injection concrete repair is recommended. Epoxy injections are always applicable when repairing cracks, both structural and superficial.

The Benefits of Epoxy Injections

Epoxy injection concrete repair will be able to restore the structural and integrity of any cracked concrete structure. Epoxy injection is an ideal way to structurally repair cracked concrete and stabilize concrete foundations. As a preventative measure, it will seal and protect cracks from further deterioration. Additionally, epoxy injections will eliminate concrete spalling initiated by cracking and aggravated by freeze thaw cycling. Air, water and other fluids can be stopped from leaking into the concrete structure. And if budget is a concern, epoxy injections will be less expensive in the long run when compared to removing and rebuilding the structure.

Alpine Knows Epoxy Injection Concrete Repair

Like most projects, the type of material you use is just as important as the quality of the labor. Our epoxy crack injection products are specifically designed to be dispensed through two component mixing and metering injection equipment, are all 100% solids and contain no solvents or fillers. We offer installations with a wide selection of specialized materials for architectural precast panels, underwater, low and high application temperatures, chemical resistance, large voids, narrow cracks and plate bonding.

Our many years in the industry have positioned us as recognized experts in epoxy injection. We are equipped with a wide selection of concrete repair materials, specialized machinery for the job and technicians with state-of-the art knowledge on how to repair and seal concrete cracks of all sizes. Allow us to put a seal on any structural integrity concerns with our team of industry experts.

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Kurt Versen
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