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 Window Caulking

Water infiltration through leaky glass walls and curtain wall window systems can be a challenging problem for many commercial buildings. On the other hand, a leak-free structure creates peace of mind and protects a building’s structural integrity. This can be achieved by commercial window caulking and waterproofing services which involves the use of a waterproof sealant to eliminate cracks or gaps around a window or other glass structure.

A high-quality commercial caulking job protects a building against moisture intrusion, drafts, and heat leaks for many years to come. It’s important, however, that the right materials for the building’s windows and other glass structures are used when delivering superior commercial window caulking and waterproofing. Along with materials, hiring highly qualified professionals is key and Alpine Painting has years of experience completing such work. When reviewing weatherproofing options for your commercial window systems and curtain walls, Alpine will ensure only the most effective and long lasting materials are used for the job.

The Disastrous Effects of Water Infiltration

Moisture intrusion in commercial structures can cause chronic dampness in spaces like wall voids, service areas, and unventilated attics. A problematic consequence of too much moisture is the growth of unseen mold. Once this happens, a business could begin to see significant problems, such as implications to the health of people that come into contact with the business, among many other issues.

Water and moisture intrusion in commercial window systems generally occurs in two places:

  1. When water makes its way inside the window system after deterioration of the control-joint sealant occurs (between the window frame and building substrate).
  2. When age-related and UV-exposure shrinkage of the gasket (between the glass and metal window frames) causes a gap in the building envelope and allows leakage.

Our Window Calking and Waterproofing Capabilities

Alpine Painting’s commercial caulking services range from repairing control joints with silicone caulking to wet glazing curtain wall windows. Our trained professionals replace silicone and urethane caulking, and are highly skilled at accessing a variety of difficult areas and utilizing caulking tools to perfection.

Our waterproofing division has specialized technicians that can perform services such as wet glazing, caulking and precast control joints. We thoroughly train and assign separate project managers and separate crews for glass restoration, waterproofing and window cleaning. Having Alpine perform a business’ waterproofing and window cleaning needs together means we are better able to monitor the building’s exterior condition for any potential issues that could result in unexpected repair costs down the road.

Alpine Painting can assist with:

  • Storefront Glass Caulking
  • Curtain Wall Glass Caulking
  • Skylight Caulking and Weather Sealing
  • Glass to Glass
  • Structural Silicone Glazing (SSG)

When Only Superior Service Will Do

With years of experience serving clients of all sizes, Alpine Painting is the trusted name in window caulking and waterproofing solutions for commercial buildings. We have performed such services for all types of commercial businesses including office complexes and multi-story apartment buildings, among many others. You can read about our many successfully completed projects in our portfolio page.

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