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 Spray Foam & Coatings for Artwork

Stage Props have no limits to creativity through the use of spray foam.

Broadway has reached new heights in set design through the use of foam sculptures. Stage Prop foam and coatings have allow designers to create pieces that almost defy human imagination. Once complete, these structures are so realistic that the entertainment industry has immersed its audience in a seemingly real-life experience. Movie set design with spray foam is also quickly becoming a trend in the film industry due to the high versatility of the products and their amazing results.

Spray Foam art & sculptures are not only great for the performing arts, but are also becoming an inexpensive, yet structurally sound exterior display piece. These fine works of Landscape Art take form through the application of polyurethane spray foam over a structural frame that can be created from a multitude of mediums. These models can be coated with many finish coats to allow seemingly unlimited possibilities including water art, art incorporating flames & high temperature and three dimensional or moving structures.

This simple process can be taken from conception to completion with the help of the expert services of Alpine Painting & Sandblasting Contractors. We have experience in all levels of this process due to our vast experience in high performance coatings, linings and foam. We can create blocks for carving, frames for support and form-work for any application. Size is not an issue, due to our 11,000 square foot shop facility. We are conveniently located 25 minutes from Manhattan and only 5 blocks off interstate route 80.

Put your trust in Alpine to make your next great idea a reality!

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Thank you for all the great work Dave. We value the level of expertise Alpine provides to us each year. You guys are great!...”
John Van Decker, Property Manager, Taylor Mgt.
Towers West, High Rise
We recognize that this would not have happened without the pristine expertise of Alpine Painting and Sandblasting. Thank you to everyone at Alpine Painting and Sandblasting Contractors for taking great care of the only National Historic Landmark in baseball....”
Brent Leggs, Senior Field Officer & Monica Rhodes, Manager of Volunteer Outreach
National Trust for Historic Preservation
It was indeed a pleasure working with your company and your guys did a great job, were very respectable and reliable. I am definitely looking forward to working with you guys again in the future and continue our great business...”
Kevern Fraser, Project Engineer
The Kessel family would like to extend our gratitude and appreciation for the last 34 years of Alpine Painting & Sandblasting's service....”
Jeff & Steve Kessel, Owners
Kessel Associates
2 yrs doing a 3 yr cycle. No complaints, great work!...”
Jeff Logan, Property Manager
Taylor Management
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