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Showcasing Alpine Painting’s Projects Through Case Studies

Posted Jul 15, 2016 by Dave Scaturro

 Showcasing Alpine Painting’s Projects Through Case Studies

Over the years, Alpine Painting has been involved in countless substantial projects — from the classic New Jersey landmark, Lucy the Elephant to the Somerset Patriots Baseball Stadium. We take immense pride in painting such monumental structures, which is why we showcase them on our website, social media platforms, and even here in our office. But it doesn’t stop there. After every major project, Alpine Painting is constantly composing case studies in order for past, current, and potential customers to understand what we do when given the opportunity to make you look good. A case study is a process or record of research in which detailed consideration is given to the development of a particular person, group, or situation over a period of time.

So how does Alpine Painting write these case studies?

Communication, research, and specificities are key.

Communication: The importance of communication is vital within any business. Because everyone has a different role and task within our company, it is impossible for a single individual to know everything. Hence why we have workers in the industrial field, commercial field, and the shop. It is imperative that when our company begins to write a certain case study, the writer and project manager or field worker can sit together and both coalesce. While multiple meetings, countless hours, and several email exchanges will probably be made, in the end, it is our goal here at Alpine Painting to ensure that every minuscule detail will be shared when our case study is finalized — we want our readers to know the who, what, when, where, why’s and how’s of our project.

Research: Before Alpine Painting performs any type of painting or spraying, we go through the process of analyzing the site location, substrates, potential coatings/paints, and consider the highest safety procedures in order to carry out the best job possible. While it is important to understand what kind of structure we are working with, Alpine Painting also looks at the history of what we are painting. Are we painting a well known company’s retail store? Or is it something historically significant? Perhaps it’s a necessary structure to the community it is located in. Whatever it is, Alpine Painting makes sure that we accentuate your structure, while knowing the complete details of it as well.

Specificities: Every project is different; thus, it is inevitable that many obstacles will be faced. Whether it be the weather, surrounding environment, or the structure itself, Alpine Painting always finds away to leap each hurdle and finish the task, not only by doing an excellent job, but by also doing it in the most efficient manner possible. When we write our case studies, we highlight some of the problems that may be faced and prove that whatever it is, Alpine Painting will make you look good, regardless of what circumstances may exist.

If you have the time, Alpine Painting encourages you to read some of our previous case studies. They serve as testaments to our mantra: We’ll make you look good.

Dave Scaturro
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