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Restoring a Place of Peace

Posted Feb 13, 2017 by Emmanuel Beltran

 Restoring a Place of Peace

Your church is more than just a place of worship.  It is a symbol of your community. As members come together to pray, their church mirrors both the beauty and strength of their faith. The murals within illustrate religious stories, while the high steeples represent the parishioners standing tall together. Some say your house of worship helps define your community’s faith, so let Alpine Painting help you keep your precious structure in top shape. 

Your holy place was most likely built years ago.  Since then, the physical shape of your church has probably decayed and most likely needs ongoing maintenance. Or maybe your parish is due for a new look by adding color. Changing the design of your sanctuary can show the progress of your religious society. 



When choosing a company to paint your place of worship, you want a group that is professional and has experience with your type of structure. Temples, Churches and Mosques can be complicated to renovate.  Special equipment is often necessary to access high assemblies.  Since our craftsmen have worked on a variety of tall buildings, painting high ceilings and steeples will be handled by professionals in a safe manner. Alpine’s team is trained to work on ridged or suspended scaffolding.  We have many different types of elevated man lifts get to the hard to reach areas.  

We understand that services and special celebrations many times continue even during a renovation period.  So our goal is to utilize a large enough crew and work efficiently.  We want to deliver your scared place back to your parishioners in a short period of time. Our team can work with your schedule. Nights & weekends, even double or triple shifts, if necessary.  

We recognize that changing the style of your church can also be difficult. You may want a color scheme that is radiant, but not too distracting.  Alpine works with interior designers, decorative artists and color consultants to give your church the perfect look and feel. 

Our project managers also enforce special job protocols to make sure your sacred artifacts and murals are protected during the whole process. We always set up a pre-job meeting with my management team so you feel comfortable you’re in the hands of professionals.  Our English speaking Forman, Site Supervisors and Project Managers all work together to ensure safety and quality during your renovation project

The new paint job will amaze and attract new guests, so that your community can grow even more.  Our 40 years of experience ensures the convenience, safety, and results you need for your church. Our services range from interior to exterior painting, plaster repairs, historic restoration, decorative painting, waterproofing and more.  Our service areas stretches up the east coast including, NJ, NY, CT & PA.  Contact Dave Scaturro today, and let us help keep your place of worship the proud symbol of your community.       

 Restoring a Place of Peace
Dave Scaturro
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