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Painting for the Patient

Posted Dec 27, 2016 by Dave Scaturro

 Painting for the Patient

Think of a time you visited a hospital, doctor’s office, or any other healthcare facility; a time where you were the patient. Have you ever felt uncomfortable with the facility, even though you were given excellent services? Maybe there were water stains on the ceiling tiles or peeling wallcovering seams in the bathrooms. It's possible, your negative feelings developed because of the lack maintenance to the building. To be successful in the healthcare business, professionals need to make sure their patients are comfortable while staying at their facility. Having a well maintained facility is a big step in the right direction towards making your patients feel more relaxed.

Incorporating warm, calming colors can go a long way towards putting people at ease. For example, instead of having a plain white wall in a child’s hospital room, some friendly colors may be a better choice. Bright colors may help resemble their own room and make them feel more at home. Ultimately, patients should be the central focus when renovating healthcare facilities.

Facility managers should also consider utilizing paint products that can help kill airborne diseases. Our commercial painting professionals specify products such as Sherwin Williams Paint Shield. An interior latex paint, that can kill certain bacteria such as Staph, E. Coli, MRSA, and many more. Paint Shield ensures not only a great look, but also a clean surface that will keep your patients healthy. When you hire Alpine Painting, you get a company that is educated on your patient needs and delivers service with high standards.

 Painting for the Patient

Those professionals are Alpine Painting. With over 40 years of doing business, Alpine has experience on all kinds of Hospitals and Healthcare Centers, including both interior and exterior services. Alpine has painted the exterior of many apartment buildings, banks, and stadiums, and can handle the exterior waterproofing/painting or interior wall covering/painting of any large healthcare building. Give us a call today to discuss your next healthcare renovation project.

Dave Scaturro
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