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Now Hiring for an Environmental, Safety & Quality Manager

Posted Apr 13, 2020 by Dave Scaturro

 Now Hiring for an Environmental, Safety & Quality Manager

Alpine Painting and Sandblasting Contractors is interested in hiring an Environmental, Safety & Quality Manager (ESQM) to assist our firm with the continued growth.


Maintain our environmental, safety and quality control systems and create new systems as needed. This includes, but is not limited to, safety training of new hire and existing employees, creating job specific safety manuals and job books, maintain quality equipment and paperwork, and perform routine job site safety inspections. This position also includes job closeout reviews to track and update material use rates and production rates on our projects. The ultimate purpose of this job is to keep our personnel safe while helping Alpine grow and make a profit.


The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required, and are not inclusive of all the responsibilities required to perform this job. Responsibilities may be added, removed or changed as needed by upper management.


Report daily and/or weekly to the Director of Safety (DOS) and Director of Quality (DOQ) to review all projects in detail. Report weekly and/or monthly to the Director of Operations (DOO) to review an overview of total performance.


Work with all Field Employees and Quality Inspectors and Project Managers to make sure site safety and quality is being properly maintained at all times.


Regularly educate yourself in aspects of safety, quality assurance, project management & customer service. Technical courses are strongly recommended. SSPC C1/C2/QCS should be reviewed and/or completed within the first year of employment. PCI/NACE CIP should be goals within the first year of employment. Obtaining the OSHA 500 certification and ASP/CSP certification should be goals within 3 to 5 years. Utilize the experience of your superiors and field supervisors to learn all aspects of our business.


Coordinate with the DOS, DOQ, DOO to create a schedule of goals for upcoming months/year in terms of safety awards, grants, and other related information. Work diligently when scheduling tasks so that during busy times of the year paperwork is kept up with and at slower times other tasks are performed. This will keep you from getting behind during the busy season.


Keep electronic and paper documentation accurate and up to date. File all job related documentation electronically and all paper documentation should be filed with the job folders. Make sure that records are maintained such that any time a record is needed, it may be found quickly. Records must also be kept such that the ESQM must be aware of expiration times and dates on certifications on both equipment and training so that recertification can be scheduled appropriately. Records should be maintained in an organized manner. A high level of personal organizational skill must be used by the ESQM daily to perform this job successfully.


Attend all office meetings and project management meetings. Attend all job kickoff meetings. Schedule and lead all job closeout reviews. Provide all required test results to employees within the time required to do so.


Remain a member of the NJFH&SC (North Jersey Federal Health and Safety Council) and the ASSE (American Society of Safety Engineers) in good standing. Attend regular meetings to keep informed of changes in the industry and upcoming regulations. Network with other individuals in the safety community and obtain leads for new work. Consider joining the NJISC (North Jersey Industrial Safety Committee) or other industry associations.

  • SAFETY -

The ESQM is responsible for maintaining, updating and improving our Corporate Health & Safety Plan and Safety Program. The ESQM must follow the requirements of OSHA and other Local, State and Federal Regulations. Safety forms must be provided to all crew leaders on all jobs. Safety forms must be reviewed by the ESQM to look for areas for improvement prior to filing. The ESQM or another designated person must perform periodic safety inspections of our shop and our job sites and report them on the proper forms. These inspection reports shall be reviewed annually and shall be reviewed with the DOS to develop a plan to implement changes in order to reduce incidents, injuries or near-misses. Investigate all accidents and near-misses and report them properly. All accident/near-miss investigations shall be reviewed with the DOS prior to filing. Safety violations shall be documented by the ESQM and reviewed with the DOS prior to filing. Complete all safety pre-qualifications to meet all bid or customer requirements. Improvements shall be suggested to the DOS and if approved implemented into our existing programs. Items to be considered could include things such as a safety committee, safety award program, near-miss reporting program, etc. Issue all PPE and safety equipment required to complete our work to each of our employees. The ESQM must make sure Alpine stay’s compliant with all our customer requirements on sites like PICS and ISNET.


Maintain employee and subcontractor safety/craft worker training records (e.g. Fit Testing, PFT, Physicals, Blood Lead Testing, Coatings Inspector, Lead Worker/Supervisor, etc.). Organize safety & craft worker training programs when work slows and as needed. The ESQM should perform or delegate all of the training to Alpine’s employees and Subcontractor employees. Ensure Alpine’s compliance with SSPC PCCP worker evaluations (e.g. Blaster & Spray Painter) and perform or delegate the evaluations as needed. Document all training and file as needed. Training may be for both office and field employees.


The ESQM shall ensure and document Alpine’s compliance with all environmental regulations (e.g. Federal, State, Local, DEP, EPA). Specifically waste drums shall be labeled, stored and disposed of properly. Air monitoring shall be performed, recorded and checked to ensure compliance. Annual Air Report information shall be provided to our consultant for submission to the NJDEP. Environmental Containment & Waste Plans shall be created by a Project Manager or the ESQM and reviewed by the DOS for all projects with hazardous waste on site.


The ESQM is responsible for maintaining, updating and improving our Quality Manual and Quality Assurance Program. The ESQM must follow the requirements of the SSPC PCCP program and keep Alpine in good standing with QP1, 2 & 9. QC forms and functional/calibrated equipment must be provided to all inspectors on QP jobs. All inspection reports should be checked for accuracy, reviewed with the DOQ and filed with the project. Annual reviews of Non-Conformance reports should be conducted with the DOQ. Implementation of new initiatives to improve our quality program should be suggested to the DOQ regularly. A future goal of the quality program should be to obtain ISO 9001 compliance.


Work with the Salesman & Project Managers to provide field supervisors with all paperwork (MSDS, PDS, Specs, QC sheets, safety forms, work plans, inspection plans, emergency info, directions, ect.) that are needed for them to perform their work. Base all job books on the job book outline. Update the job book outline as needed to improve job books. Create all emergency documentation, JHA’s and rescue plans so that employees are aware of the hazards to which they are exposed. After projects are complete, collect all job books and review the paperwork for conformance to Safety, Quality and Production requirements.


Upon completion of all projects, collect any information recorded from the field, usually contained in the job book. Review the paperwork and create a report for each project to track performance. Performance tracking shall include at a minimum production rates, material use rates, under/over budget, quality reporting and safety reporting. After the review is complete, all pertinent information shall be scanned into the electronic job folder under project closeout and paper copies filed with the project information. Job closeout information shall be reviewed with the project manager, sales person and DOO.


Become an expert on the requirements of Alpine’s apprenticeship program. Make sure that all apprentices are completing all required documentation to remain compliant with the program. Administer or delegate all training that is required to be completed by the apprentice. Look to find new apprentices to expand the use of the program.


Work diligently to maintain Alpine’s current certifications in good standing (e.g. PDCA Accreditation, SSPC QP’s). Look for new certifications that may help Alpine improve our business and suggest them to the DOQ. New certifications could include OSHA Sharp or VPP.

  • AWARDS -

Submit all required information to continue to win Awards in all areas of our business. Awards most important to Alpine should be related to Safety, Quality & Project Management. Check with each association of which we belong to create a calendar for submission of awards annually.

  • GRANTS -

Research and try to obtain any training grants available to our company. Make sure we are compliant with any rules associated with them and make sure they are renewed as needed. Manage the hours and money aspects associated receiving the training dollars associated with these grants.


Document and track all testing & safety related equipment. Make sure all testing equipment functional and calibrated. Perform spot checks on our inspectors to make sure they are properly using the equipment and caring for it properly. Order new equipment as needed and send equipment out for repairs and recalibration as needed.


Keep an up-to-date inventory of all testing equipment and safety gear that is issued to our employees. Upon termination of employment make sure all equipment is returned to the company.


Perform all safety and quality training required to keep our subcontractors compliant. Perform a review of our subcontractors’ pre-qualification package as it relates to safety, worker training and quality management. Conduct bi-annual crew leader/safety training sessions with all commercial/industrial painting subcontractors completing 5 or more jobs annually with Alpine.


Setup and install site security cameras on Alpine’s largest projects.

To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty listed above satisfactorily.


The ESQM must have a Bachelor's degree (B.S.) or equivalent; with 2 to 4 years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Strong computer skills are required in Microsoft Word and Excel or equivalent programs.

The ESQM must have the ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, regulations, operating and maintenance instructions, and project specifications. This person must be able to write routine reports and correspondence and speak effectively before groups of customers or employees of our organization.

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. The ESQM must be willing and able to visit jobsites, climb in and on tanks, towers and industrial structures. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions, if possible.

The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. This job will entail a combination of office and field management efforts.

This position requires full time employment. The hours are flexible so that a specific start and stop time each day is not required. The ESQM must be available by phone at all times in case of emergencies and may be required to visit jobsites or perform training on weekends, if necessary.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $50,000.00 to $90,000.00 /year

Come work with Alpine Painting; work hard, make a great living and enjoy working with others who are equally focused. We ask that you email your resume to and we will contact you.

Dave Scaturro
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