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New Lead Safety Regulations

Posted Jun 10, 2011 by David Guy

 New Lead Safety Regulations

What you need to know:

The EPA has implemented new lead-safety regulations that has been enforced as of April 22, 2010. In conjunction with the Renovation, Repair and Painting Program, (RRP) the EPA has provided a new set of comprehensive guidelines for contractors and property managers. The new rules apply to interior and exterior painting and renovation projects at potential lead-based paint locations. Specifically the regulations apply to houses, apartments, and child-occupied facilities such as schools and daycare centers built prior to 1978.

All painting firms must certified and each individual employee must be trained for lead-safe work practices. Contractors must also provide the building owners with a new hazard pamphlet and post lead hazard signs around the property. Finally, the EPA has mandated that contractors practice dust containment measures and follow waste disposal procedures.

EPA Exceptions

There are also certain exceptions to the new safety regulations. For example, if work includes only the application of paint and does not involve sanding, scraping, or other dust causing activities then the new RRP regulations do not apply. Additionally small projects such as interior work that is less than six square feet of painted surfaces or less than 20 square feet of painted surfaces for exterior work do not apply. Furthermore, you can receive an exemption from the rules if the area has been declared free of all lead-based paint by a certified renovator that uses the EPA recognized test kit.

Why Alpine?

Alpine is certified by the EPA and are well-versed in all of the new lead safety regulations. Our craftsmen have been given extensive training about the new safety protocols and have had years of experience in the field to perfect their craft while following every safety measure right down to the letter.

Be sure to ask the next contractor you hire if they are certified through the EPA for the new RRP lead law. More information can be found by visiting the EPA’s website at or by contacting Alpine Painting at or (973) 279-3200.

Dave Scaturro
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