NJ Transit Bridge Traffic Control, Road Shut Down for Sandblasting and Painting
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Tanks & Bridges


Many facility operators have important jobsite protocols that must be followed to the letter in high profile, capital improvement and maintenance projects Alpine has the qualifications for completing the complex jobs. When strict safety guidelines and procedures such as confined space, scaffolding, rigging, containment and respirator use are required no company has higher standards than we do.

From municipal water towers, to chemical storage tanks, bulk oil storage and flammable liquids; paint and specialized coating application is work reserved for a qualified professional like Alpine Painting. We proudly emphasize a commendable "loss record" and retain excellent relationships with major liability carriers, all to meet the exposure needs of our industrial customers.

Exterior Logo and Lettering of Cranford, NJ Bridge. Sandblasting and Painting and Color Coding


Along with storage tanks, bridges present special challenges for traffic control, property protection, worker safety, and limited hours for maintenance activities. Repainting active railroad bridges is a perfect showcase of our operating systems.

Sandblasting, lead abatement, proper application of high performance paints and coatings even logos and lettering - our crews have been performing without incident or delay in 100% of the projects entrusted to Alpine by the nation's largest commuter rail system.

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